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R. A. Salvatore: Legend of Drizzt – Streams of Silver


I’m reading another book from the Legend of Drizzt series. This one is called Streams of Silver and it is fifth in the series. I’m more than half way through and even though I haven’t finished it yet, I decided to start writing this post while still reading. There are several points of view and plot lines and that needs more attention and taht’s why I’m starting while still reading.

The story starts with our four friends heading towards Luskan. You asking who the friends are? Well, there’s Bruenor Battlehammer (Warhammer would have been better…), then the young barbar Wulfgar, halfling Regis, who originally wasn’t planning on joining them on their quest and last is the main character of this series – the drow Drizzt Do’Urden. Their goal on this journey is to find the legendary Halls of Mithril (is that right? I’m not sure about the original names as I have it in czech), the original home of Bruenor.


Their first stop is Lusnak where they need to find Whisper (again, is that what she’s called in the original?) in order to obtain a map of the lands they will be travelling. While Drizzt and Bruenor are going for the map, Wulfgar and Regis get caught in a pub brawl with Wulfgar being the sole victor.

Now, here we need to skip to a different plotline. And that would be Artemis Entreri. An assassin hired by Pook to kill Regis. He is following them and while in the Ten Towns, he finds Catti. And when he leaves her alive, she decides to follow him and possibly even be faster then him in order to warn Bruenor and the others. However, she is caught by him and forced to go with him. When they reach Luskan, Bruenor and his group are already gone. That is not stopping them though. Confronted by the wizards – mainly Dendybar (what’s his original last name?). He wants to know where is the crystal that Akar Kessel from the last book used to control all the minions.


And so Entreri joins forces with the wizard and is acompanied on the next part of his journy by Sydeny, a young witch, Jierdan, a soldier and Bok, who is a golem controled by Dendybar and Sydney.

Now, let’s go back to Bruenor and the others. They reach the home of the Harpels after fighting with barbars from that part of the world. The Harpels invite them to stay and are eager to interrogate Drizzt on his race. Then they go on their way again. This time in the direction of Nesme and then Silvermoon (is that how the city is called?). In the land controled by Nesme, they are however confronted by soldiers and forced to go a different way through the swamps full of trolls? Yes, it was trolls.

With a lot of luck, they manage to fight their way through and reach the outskrits of Silvermoon. There, Drizzt is denied entrance and so the others refuse to enter without him. They camp outside and later on, Drizzt is visited by Alustriel, the lady of Silvermoon. She gives him some pretty good advice and then they continue on their way.


Going back to Entreri and his group. On magical horses, they reached Silvermoon and decided to wait for Drizzt and co. inside the city. Leaving Bok outside. However, Bok catches a whif of Drizzt and barges in the town destroying the walls in the process. The wizards from Silvermoon are fascinated by the golem and want to study it. And Sydney grudgingly allowes it under the condition they won’t dismantle it. In any way.

Drizzt and co. in the meantime reach an old fortress where a very old man lives. He gives them advice and then Bruenor drinks a potion that will let the memories of the Mithrill halls surfice. And with this they are able to continue on their journey.

Reaching the mountains they find an old dwarven dwelling. One, that is special, because it’s above ground. Then, it only takes a little more to reach the entrance to the Halls. Unfortunately, their hunters are very close.


At this point, Entreri and his group are in the mountains as well. And with some luck, Catti manages to escape. Also, Entreri finally gets bored with Jierdan and when the soldier confronts the assassin, Entreri killes him. In the meantime, Catti hits Sydney and runs off. When Bok is sent after her, she traps him with and avalanche thus managing to get away from her captors and reaching Bruenor and his group.

Then, Bruenor’s group finally manages to open the secret door to the Halls and all of them enter. Going through the halls, they finally figure out what drowe the dwarfs out. It was the duregars. The underground version of dwarfs.

And this is as far as I’m so far. I will continue this when I finish the last part of the book. Only one thing to add, when Sydney and Entreri find the placement of the entrance, they have Bok break through thus entering the halls too.


Okay, I finished the book, so we can continue this.

Okay, so they’re in the Halls of Mithril. Now, they need to go through. However, they are not the only ones in and certainly not the only ones that entered. First, the Halls are controled by this nasty mean black dragon, whose original name I don’t know.

Then, Entreri, Sydney and Bok entered the Halls after our heroes. Why Bok? Well, he simply survived the avalanche. Simple as that. Okay, moving on. They get to this weird hall where there are two hallways blocked each by ten doors leading in. And that is where they are caught by their pursuerers (spelling?).

So they battle. And in the process, Drizzt and Entreri manage to launch a trap of sorts and both fall through the floor. The rest split and Bruenor and his group continue thinking that Drizzt is dead. What is Sydney doing is not important.

Meanwhile. Drizzt and Entreri agree on something – they have to get out. And their best chance is to join forces. So they walk and walk and in the end, they reach a place where the others are.

The others are walking through the hallways and enter a place that is ruined and has a hole in the wall and that is when Bruenor tells them about the dragon. And that is where they find a magical bow and arrows.

In the end, they have to fight the dragon head on. And Drizzt is tricked by Entreri who pulls him down and he himself manages to climb a cliff only to capture Regis. Thus making Drizzt swear he will find him and kill him.

All the while, Bruenor did something very stupid. Using oil, fire and a lot of luck, he jumped on the dragon and lit it on fire. Only to fall down the pit with it. Making his friends believe that he’s dead. Even though he’s not. And then, they all leave the place returning to the Harpels. There, Drizzt and Wulfgar decide they will hunt Entreri while Catti wants to reclaim the Halls of Mithril in Bruenor’s stead, not knowing he’s alive.

As for Sydney, she was killed sometime during the battle. As well as was Bok.

Now, only one last part. The one with Dendybar. Let’s say, he’s dead. Killed by his own creation possesed by his “greatest” enemy.




Okay, that’s it. That’s the book. And I have to say, I was reading very fast, wanting to know what will happen next. Today, I took it back to the library and borrowed another one in the series. It will have to wait though. I’m reading… *runs to check the original name*

Got it. The Charlemagne Pursuit from the series with Cotton Malone. Not bad, also, I’ve got another Cherub book. Though that one will be last. First Charlemagne, then Drizzt, and finaly, last will be the Cherub book.

If you know this book, tell me, what you think about it. If you don’t know it, just tell me something else. xD

See ya.

Simply the best

I just couldn’t resist today’s Daily Prompt.

For starters, I know nothing about the voyager. I didn’t even know that NASA was building one. But that’s beside the point. As for what I think should be onboard, let’s say… Some cybermonkeys, highly inteligent pigs, white ferrets and an elephant. Why? No idea. Probably because it sounds good.


Where this idea came from, I have no clue. I just wanted to turn this into something cracky. I think I’m doing a good job. Whatever. Now, lets see. The elephant would be the captain on the ship. The ferrets would be taking care of maintnance of the ship. The cybermonkeys would obviously pilot it and take care of everything that comes with it. And the pigs would be in charge of meals and cleaning. Oh, and one of the pigs would be named TonTon.


Heh, I’m getting of topic. Whatever.

Just don’t take this seriously. I just wanted to write something that would make no sense. Thanks for reading.

See ya.

There are nice players too


I was playing Wings of Destiny today. Only a moment ago, actually. And there was this guy, his name is srg2 or something. And he was nice. We got to talking and he even got me a nice piece of equipment. To be honest, it’s the first time in an international mmorpg that I encountered such a nice player. I seem to have bad luck and always encounter those Player killers.


And that’s so not cool! In the past, I was killed so many times! Annoying. But this evening, luck smiled at me and this player was really nice. Maybe I’ll even stop playing completely solo… It might be nice to team up with someone from time to time. I probably won’t do it often, but yes, sounds nice. Every once in a while.

See ya.

One Piece

Aww… What the hell… I’ll just post this too…

This is currently one of my favourite animes. It has over 600 episodes and is still ongoing. At first, I was watching it with english dubbing. Then, I got to the point that there were no more dubbed episodes, yet. So I was wondering whether I should continue watching with eng. subtitles, or if I whould wait. In the end, I got tired of waiting and started watching with subs. I did skip a few episodes. The part with the missing flags, I’ve got no idea what that’s about. I also did skip parts of the battle with Moria.

Oh, and I did skip Ace’s death. That was cruel! He was one of my favourite characters!


Moving on. The plotline is quite simple – Luffy, he wants to be the King of the Pirates. So he stes out on the sea and searches for a crew. First, Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro get’s roped into joining. Thus becoming the first mate. Then, Luffy decides that a girl named Nami will be the navigator. And practically forces her to join. The next on the list is Usopp who they happen across by chance. He’s a great sniper and has a good aim. He joins too.

And then, Luffy wants a cook. So they go to Baratie, a restaurant, where he ropes Sanji to join. And after spending some time at the restaurant, he does.


Next part would be defeating one of the shichibukai – Arlong. And after that, Nami joins the crew for real, having finally saved her village.

And so to the Grand Line they go. The Grand Line is the place where at the end, or so it seems, the One Piece is. And the only one, who conquered it all, was the former Pirate King Gol D. Roger.

On the grand line, many dangers are waiting for the Straw Hat Pirates. But also new friends and crewmates. One of them is the doctor Choper, who is in fact a raindeer who ate the human human devil fruit. Then Nico Robin, a former enemy joins them. Her being interested in ponyglyphs that have some secret message about some weapon or something like that.


Another member, who joins is a shipwright whose name is Franky. He wears speedo and likes to say the word super. Also, he’s a cyborg.

And the last crew member, for now, is Brook. He’s a living skeleton. And a musician. And has weird laugh. Not as weird as a girl named Perona, so that’s good.

Then there are the Devil fruits. Those who eat them, gain unnatural abilities, but lose the ability to swim. Luffy ate one – the gum gum fruit, thus he’s a rubber man. Others on the Straw Hat crew, who ate a devil fruit are Robin, the hana hana fruit, gaining the ability to reproduce parts of her body, such as arms and legs. Even eyes. Then Choper, like I mentioned before. And Brook. I think the one he ate was teh revival revival fruit or something like that.

Other prominent characters of this series are Ace, the brother of Luffy, who dies during the battle at Marineford. Then Sengoku, one of the leaders of the Marines, the shichibukai, also known as the seven warlords of the sea. And those are Dracul Mihawk, Boa Hanckoc, Doflamengo, Moria, Bartholomew Kuma, and some more.


Former warlords (shichibukai) are Crocodile, Jimbei and some more whose names I just don’t remember. And the wikia doesn’t make much sense.

Oh, and then there are the admirals, or whatever, Aokiji, Akainu and Kizaru. Mighty strong, but can probably be beaten with Haki, which is an ability, that allowes people to fight on higher level. Even against logia type devil fruits.

Oh, and we cannot forget the Akagami no Shanks. Or readhair Shanks. Former mentor of Luffy, now one of the four yonko (emperors). Rulers of the New world, which is the second part of the grand line.

Okay, enough with the details. And more about what I think about it. Well… Frankly, some of the adventures are boring. Like… the part with the stolen flags… I didn’t like that. Also, I just hated when Ace died, but I learned to live with that.

Other than that, I really like the show and even more, I like the fact that it’s so long. Many people would probably like it better if it had the usual 24 episodes, like most anime do, but I like the longer ones. The longer, the better. I hate it, when it only has a few episodes and it’s the end… So kudos to One Piece. Still, I would like to know what exactly the One Piece is! I couldn’t find any hints. So, if you have a theory, share it!

See ya.

Multiple plotline problem


I hate when a book has multiple plotilnes. Not because it is hard to read, I actually like reading a book with multiple plotlines. Still, I hate it too. Especially when I want to write about that book. It is almost impossible to write it out. Unless you start writing it when you’re still reading it. Like I’m doing now with the Legend of Drizzt series.

I mean… For writing about, single plotline is much better. Or, if there have to be multiple plotilnes, when they are just momentary occurences. Not when they drag thoughout the whole book! Still, multiple plotlines is a great read. Add in multiple timelines and you will not know what’s going on. Sill, great to read. So… That’s it.


Or not.

For writing about a book, two plotlines are still kinda okay. However, it gets much harder when you have four or more of them. That was the case with the Venetian Betrayal and The Templar Legacy, about which I didn’t write. Er… I did, but in czech and haven’t published it yet. It was a good book though. Great one. The first with Cotton Malone as a main character. Written by Steve Berry. I like his books. They have ancient artefacts and take place in the present time.

Okay, that would be all.

See ya.

Windows 8 update


A few day back, I installed the new update for windows 8. I think it’s windows 8.1. Well… apart from the weird colors of the tiles, I am, in general, happy with it. Though, if anyone knows, whether the color of the tiles themselves can be changed, I’d be interested in hearing it. It’s bugging me! It’s way too colorfull! And in order to have it at least aranged by the color, my system is gone!

Other than that, I’m fairly happy with it. It din’t change much, the options are a bit more in-depth, the ones you can access from the side options/bar. Or whatever you call it. Moving on. There are other small changes. I’m not sure if the shop design is basically a shop update or if it is this way because of the windows update. Never mind. It’s still confusing. I don’t like how the shop looks.


Oh, and one more think, whenever I close windows 8 mode of Torch and then turn of the computer, when I next turn it on and open the browser, I have to click restore because it jsut always tells me it didn’t shut down properly, which is bulcrap! Torch is still the best browser though. I’m definitely not changing it! At least not any time soon. Should probably install it on my other computer as well as my desktop in school… As each student has their own account.

Well, never mind that, it’s not important. What I would like to knwo, is if there is anyone else who has the update. Out of you, that are reading my blog, of course. I would like to know what you think about it. :) Share your oppinions with me, yeah?

See ya.


So sory I haven’t posted anything yesterday. I was just feeling too tired to do it. And to be honest, I had a great story and wanted to continue reading. So… That’s why. On the other hand, I am almost finished with reading the fifth book in the Legend of Drizzt series. And already started writing the post about it. So far, the summary is incomplete, but it is already more than a page in word. And yes, I’m actually writing it in word, even though I always preferred open office… Weird… I like the 2010 word. It’s black. xD And yes, that’s the only reason. xD


So anyway. I’m thinking about what I could post apart from that, since it’s not finished yet… Any ideas? I just don’t want to post a picture again… It’s getting old… I’d appreciate any tips, but if you don’t wanna give ’em, I’ll just have to think of something myself. xD So you don’t have to give me any tips. It’s up to you.

See ya.

When the death strikes


my grandmother died today. She had cancer and was in a bad shape for several months now. And today was just the day when she died. I last saw her on Saturday. So only like two days ago, so that’s good, that she saw me and I her before it happened. The suprising think is, I’m not really feeling anything… Sadness, or anything. I just feel normal… Does that mean that I’m cold blodded  and uncaring, or does that mean that my relationship with her was not as good as I thought? To be honest, I think that it’s the first option…


Frankly, I alway was kinda detatched… From reality I mean. Whenever something happened in the real life, I didn’t even so much as flinch, however, if my favourite character in a book, game, movie died, I’d cry… Is it wrong? Probably… But there is nothing I can do about it. I just don’t know how to be a loving caring person…


Well… At least the death was quick and peaceful. At least, that’s what my mom said. From what she told me, she was there. Even though I’m not sure she was there for the exact moment. I myslef wouldn’t have been able to be there as I was in school working my brain with math and programing… Oh well… You know how it goes. Remember the good about the dead and let the life go on…

See ya.


My used to be DF rogue character. I don’t have her anymore. But never mind that, I don’t play rogues anymore either. At least not in DragonFable. They seem weak. At least in this game. As for the picture itself, I like how the shading is done. I’m not sure about the neck, it looks a bit of… Something about it just doesn’t seem right. Doesn’t matter… As a whole, I like this picture. Maybe not so much as some of my other pictures, like Hisoka, or Leon or Atobe, but yes, I like it. img029See ya.


DF dragon

This is a very old picture of a newly hatched DF dragon pet. It’s done in PhotoFiltre and with a mouse. It was my first half serious attempt at digital drawing. For that, I think it’s not so bad. Maybe I’ll do another version that would be done in Photoshop and with a tablet. I’m not sure though. Anyway, tell me what you think, okay?

4 - DF DragonSee ya.