Brody’s Ghost books 1-3

18385So, after some time, I finally got my hands on Mark Crilley’s manga – Brody’s Ghost. I still haven’t read the fourth book, but the first three are great! Brody is an outcast of sorts and then he meets Talia – a Ghost. And he’s the only one who can see her. They become friends after some time and Brody trains his supernatural powers with this old grumpy ghost from a shrine.

All this while there is a murderer who kills young ladies and leaves a penny on their persons. And Talia cannot go to heaven till the murderer is captured.

And somehow, Brody gets a vision of his former girlfriend being the next target and dying on a rainy night. So, he starts stalking her. And she explodes on him. And then he finds something about how Talia died and that it might all be connected together.

And I love it all! So, Mark also wrote the Miki Falls series (Four books), but I didn’t read it. Somehow, it seemed like it would be too girly. And I don’t like girly. Seriously, I don’t mind Talia, but other than that, there are very little female protagonists that I like. One more exception might be Belatrix Lestrange… But that’s neither here nor there.

So, I love the way the books are drawn and all the details. Oh, and the fact that the main main character is a guy is a big plus! I don’t however like Brody’s ex-girlfriend. She’s so not likable. And I wouldn’t mind if the murderer got her. Only, it would be bad for Brody so I guess she can live… I don’t like her though. Never will.

See ya.