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Just got a gold medal in Microsoft Mahjong! Neat, right?

Original czech text:
“Právě se mi podařilo získat medaili Zlato v denních výzvách pro hru Microsoft Mahjong! Když získáte dost mincí, můžete medaili mít také!”

Golden medal earned in Microsoft Mahjong! Hee hee.

Original czech text:
“Medaile Zlato získána ve hře Microsoft Mahjong!”



I just wanted to say that I added something little to the sidebar. I stumbled upon this site, you can adopt “pets” there and some of them look really nice. I’ll be looking into others too, but for now, there is this pet. If, when it grows up, it will look weird and ugly, I’ll replace it with something else. But for now, this is the pet that you will be seing in the sidebar.


See ya.


Hey, sorry that I won’t be posting anything today, but I’m practically dead on my feet. So with an apology, I promise that I will post something better tomorrow. And if possible, I’ll try to make it to be at least two different things. :) Thanks for understanding. :)

33828See ya.

Art tip

Hey, just wanted to say something. I’m by no means a professional artist, but I like to think I’m at least a bit above average. And I was just drawing in my sketchbook when I realized that it is good to draw with something permanent. Not a pencil. Unless you’re creating something like a masterpiece, or a pencil-only drawing.


If it is anything else, or if you’re just practising in your sketchbook, the permanent whatever is better. Why? Because, it forces you to finishe your drawing regardles of how awefull it looks. And that is the thing. Finish your drawing even if it looks horrible. It may still turn out okay. But you’ll never know, unless you finish it.

See ya.

A simple question

Hey, I just got an idea. Do you want me to post videos of me flipping through my sketchbook? It’s already uploaded on youtube. I’d just have to post it here. So if you’re interested, please let me know, and I’ll see what I can do. I just don’t wanna post it here if noone would look at it. That would be a collossal waste of time. Don’t you think?


See ya.

I hate Google Chrome!

Starting today, Google chrome in windows 8 mode stopped cooperating with me. Yesterday, I was able to play games on Kongregate or watch videos on youtube. Today, it said that Adobe flash didn’t work in windows 8 mode and that I would have to relaunch chrome on desktop. WTF?! Yesterday it worked just fine! So I decided to try restarting my computer. When that didn’t solve the problem, I reinstalled chrome. No luck there either.


So I was like “The fuck?! What the Hell is going on?!” And then I decided to take drastic messures. I have a browser similar to Chrome – it’s called Torch. And it has a windows 8 mode too. So I switched the two browsers – google I have for desktop when there is something that only works on desktop and Torch is now my main browser. And voila! Everything works just fine! And therefore, I hate google chrome. I mean, torch is a fairly unknown browser, right? And if they could make everything work in windows 8 mode, why can’t google?! So from now on, if I don’t have to, I will not use Google Chrom!

See ya.

I decided


Yes. I decided that I will post my drawings here. They not perfect. Far from it actually, but they’re mine and I’d like to get some feedback on them. So I will be posting em here. I’ll be creating a new category for it named I draw and in there they will be. I might use them as illustrations in other posts, but not always. So, I hope you will like tem. 

See ya.

I had a thought

Yes, the title is a spin of of I have a dream song from ABBA. But that’s not the point. The point is I had an idea, a topic, to write about. And it was just yesterday. And now I can’t remember! Gah! I hate it when this happens. And it always happens. I’d have an idea and the next moment I don’t know what it was. I should probably start writing it all down the moment I think about it… Don’t you think?


Oh well… If I remember, I’ll write it.

See ya.



Heya! I will be posting random things here. Anything that comes to my mind. I need a place like that. So there will be a mix of everything. Music, pictures, my rambling and so on. Hope you enjoy!