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Assassin’s Creed II – full soundtrack

Hi, this time, I’ve decided to add some music. It’s the full soundtrack from Assassin’s Creed II computer game. Love this game, mainly, because the main character in it looks cool. I mean, I love Altair from AC I, but I also like the younger version of Ezio Auditore da Firenze (what a mouthfull). I don’t like him in AC revelations, but I don’t like Revelations as a whole, because they depict the life of Altair after AC I, and also his death. And it’s way too sad! They should have left Altair only as a legend. After AC I I mean.

I did finish playing Revelations, but I’m never playing it again! Ever! As for Brotherhood, I don’t mind it much, but I’m stuck with the Romulus coult lairs. Other than that, good game. Currently I’m playing AC III. Not bad, but it’s a long way from the original Assassin. It’s a lot different from AC with Altair and Ezio. Those were at least connected, AC III is not.

See ya.

Hobbit – animated – soundtrack playlist

Hey, this time, I’m posting a playlist of the animated Hobbit songs. I love them and listen to them again and again! I don’t like the animated movie much, mainly because, hey, it’s older… And the characters… Well, addmit it, it’s not the sexy ones that play in the movies by Peter Jackson, ne? Those are much better to look at.

So, enjoy.

See ya.

Sex bomb

Again, I have a song that I want to share with you. Called Sex Bomb. The first time I heard it was when I was watching figure skating several years back. It was during the exhibition – Plushenko. It was funny. Then, some years later, I found it on youtube. And now, I’m posting it here. I was tempted to post the version with Plushenko, but decided against it. So enjoy the song. :)

See ya.

Boney M – Babylon

Okay. I’ve got another video I think is good. Kinda old, but I like the song. Rivers of Babylon from Boney M. I also like the czech version by Karel Gott, but that’s pointless, since people here probably don’t know czech. Heh, if you do know czech, then, by all means, prove me wrong. :)

See ya.

Lucy Hale – Bless Myself

I watched a good movie a while back – Another Cinderella story: Once upon a song. And I liked the songs there. First it was “Run this town” and now I can’t stop listening to “Bless Myself”. Singed by Lucy Hale who also played the role of the main character. You might now her as Aria from Pretty Little Liars. But that’s beside the point. And what is the point? Well… That I like this song very much. And I recommend it. So listen to it and write you own oppinion.

See ya.

Loveless opening – Tsuki no Curse

I recently started thinking about anime called Loveless. And then, I remembered the openign song and started singing the little bits I remembered aside from the melody.
Then I went to youtube and looked it up and now I can’t stop listening to it. I think it is my favourite song for the moment. So enjoy.
See ya.

D.N.Angel opening song

Hey, I have a new favourite song. It is the opening song from D.N.Angel anime. And even though I can’t singn along cause it is in japanese, I still like it very much. Love it. One of the best songs I know. And the anime isn’t bad either. It has angels. Angels with black wings. And that is something I like. If you didn’t watch it, you should. I highly recommend it.