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20 minute challenge


I decided to do the writing 101 challenge on wordpress. The first thing is to write for 20 minutes straight. And not stop and just continue, which is exactly what I’m gonna do. The problem will be when I start making tyost and go… See? I just made a typo and it was in the word typo. And that’s the main problem. I write kinda fast and then I make mistakes and go back and delete and rewrite.

And that is the one thing I don’t want to do.

But sometimes, it just happens.

Today’s boring.

And I just want to look out of my window nad watch the clu… cloudy sky and the wind blowing in the tree I can see.

But that would be boring. It would be much ba… better to watch rain. But there is no rain and I want it.

Do you like rain? I love it. And when it’s raining, the possibib… possibility of me going out is much higher than when it is a sunny day.

And that just sucks.

Because then I would be going out just by mu- myself. And that is not fun.

I – I . I’m not much for going out, but when it rains, I really enjoy it.

And when it doesn’t, I prefer to be holed up in my room and do something or other.

Usually I just read stories on fanfiction and that is it. But sometimes, I write, draw or do some crafts. Lately, I also play Legend of Grimrock a lot and that is the best computer game I’ve played so far in my life. It is a dungeon crawler that is the “modern dungeon master”. Not that I played dungeon master. That one is not known to me. Well, I don knw- I do know it a bit, but I’ve never played it.

Also, Legend of Grimrock is better, because it has better graphics and dungeon master is really old. Though, for the time it was invented in, I guess it is kinda good… But I don’t like it. I prefer Grimrock.

Alsi- Also, I’ve read a story. It is called Teeth. You can find in- it on fi- fanfiction and it is under avengers and Harry Potter crossovers and it is great. But the one thing I cannot wrap my mind around is the fact that there i- is a gobnli- goblin and his name is Grimrock. And that is just! I don’t know… It seems wrong to name him after a game. Though I guess the author doesn’t know about the game. I wouldn’t know. I didn’t ask. But it would make sence.

Still, I just cannot wrap my mind around that little fact.

Other than that, the story is good.

By the way, do you like to listeh- listen to music when you write?

This old man I see almost every day just walked past my house again.

He looks weird. But I’m sure he’s perfectly normal old man.

But I wouldn’t know. I never talked to him.

Hey, the wind is picking up again! That’s good.

Hey… I need to stop using hey.

But I can’t stop. Not when I’m using it in this writing excersice. I need to go and look at the rest of them. And that is because i- this started on the second of june and now it is the 1- 20th of june and I’m behind. And I like writing challenges.

And this one sounds good. At least to me.

A a- caa- car went past my window. It was white. One of the cars I like is a mazda f3 in white. The one from … How is it called g- again? O h- Oh yeah! Inith- Inith- Initial D. And the car o- is from that.

My second favourite car would be the 1967 chevy impala from Supernatural and then the chefr- chevrolet cruz parked just around the corner from my house. That last one is my most favourite right now, but I doN¨t really know much about cars and that is why – What the hell I’m writing?

I don’t know… It is really hard to write in english weh- when you’re listening to czech songs. And I cannot even move the songs because that would be- mean stopping the writing and that is just a no-no.

So, the song is about the cinderella. The old czech one. The one in black and white. Not the disney one. I never a- saw that one. And I never will.. Disney old thing – things are just annoying. I do like some of the newer disney movies. Be it animated or live action. I got nothing against disney, just against the really old movies taht are- that are animated. And hey… A group of people visible from my vindow. One of them is en- doing something with t- a car and then the – there is a guy on a bycycle and he was going round and round. Waiting for a girl with a kid also on a bycycle.

And now there is a little girl or bof- boy? Hard to tell, too small a baby. Probably a boy. With parrents.

Adn – And a- I need to stop looking from my window or I will stop writign- writing. And I don’t want that.

Though, I’m running out of thing s- things to write.

Even though I -‘ —- I’m supposed to keep writing regardless. So, what do I wna- And I need to stop making these typos.

Good thing that I usually do go back a – and corrc- correct them. Or my posts would be a disaster. And it is not because my english is wobly. It is because I type sof a- so fast that the letters just go together wrong i- or in the wrong order. And that is just wrong.

So I guess I will slow down a bit. Because ti- it would be good to stop mai- making these typos.

I don’t like hem.

– them.


Did you ever want to fly? (E- Where did that come from?)

Nevermind. I did and still do. Using the wings of a dragon. But I’m not gonna tell you all about the bacground story for my nickname. That would be to confusing and I don’t want to tell anyone. Taht’- That’s just for me to know and nobody else

Maybe I tiw- It – it will come to be in the next life. I don¨t know but I would ki- like it.

Okay, let’s see if I can keep this typo free from now on. Only four mini- minutes left. And already I made a typo.

Whad – what designs do you prefer? Light colored or darker, ? Or colorfull? Or a specific color? I prefer dark ones because they are easier on eyes when working in the evening. And during the day? I o- don’t really care as long as it doesn’t blink too much. Too much blinking and glitter can be bad for one’s eyes.

And I would like to keke- keep my eyes intact.

So a shoutout to anyone who has blinking design, do something about it for the sake of the rest of us.

That is, if you want us to read it. If you don’t want us to read it, then make it even blinkier.

Does that word even make sence? I don’t thing so, but I guess you get the idea.

Two more minutes.

And the song is still the same… I hate th e- the song. And I wonder what will be the next one and if it will come before the time is up… I would like to write about it and I want to fit it in this post. But who knows if it will be possible… We will just have to wait and see. A-

And in the meantime keep writing.

Bu- Even though I really! don’t know what else to write.

Maybe that I woiuld really like it if it started to rain…

And the song is still pal- playing. Though… I guess it is comming to en – an end. Slowly, bus u- surely.

And it is only the last minute.

And the song will not be over d- till the time is up.

So wo- you will not know what the next one is. And I will not tell you.

And this said, I’m DONE.



X-men: Days of Future Past

(Written on 27. 5. 2014)



So I’ve seen the new X-men movie. Yesterday, in fact. And It was just perfect. I love all the X-men stuff. With the exception of the anime “Wolverine” And the new Wolverine movie that takes place in Japan. I mean, I love Japan, but the movie is weird.

But to get back on track, the movie.

It was perfect. Great effects and stunts. The story was great too, I mean, who doesn’t like time travelling? Right?

And it was Logan who was travelling back in time. And it was Kitty that sent him there. And while they were getting their asses kicked in the future, Logan was working hard to change the past. And with it the future.

And how it ended, well, go watch it.

Just know that there is young Charles Xavier and young Erik Lencher. And they’re really fun! All the bickering and provocation! The only downside is young Beast, but that’s because I just don’t like his younger version that much.

I loved the movie and when I get the chance, I will be downloading it pronto. In english, seeing as I saw it in 3D and in czech. And I just want to get my hands on the original voices.

Go watch it if you can, it’s great.

Now the only question is wether there will be another X-men movie or not. I mean, this was kinda the grand Happy Ending and all, but still, maybe there will be, I would like that. But I’m not getting my hopes up that much. I don’t think there is much room for continuation. Not with the happy end.

But still, maybe they will surprise me and make it. I would love it.

I’m a big fan of X-men movies.


My favourite characters are Storm, Logan and young professor. Also, I like Erik and Raven (Mystique). Kitty’s not bad either. And then all the additional characters that are only in the animated series. Like… I do’t know… there’s a lot of them.

And I like them.

Still, Logan, Storm and young professor are the top three for me.