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Three songs

(Written for Writing 101 on on 18. 9. 2014)

So, what are the three songs that are most important to me? First, I need to say, that it would be three songs that are most important to me now, not of all time, because what I like to listen to keeps changing based on what I hear, see and many more factors.

And the three songs I like the most at this moment are: Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack – Redbone – Come and get your love. Next one is Sara Perche ti Amo and the last one is really tough because I don’t really know… It’s hard to decide between Nightwish’s Turn loose the mermaids and Limahl’s Never ending Story, but it would probably be the Neverending story.

So, why do I like Redbone – Come and get your love? Well, not too long ago, I saw the new movie Guardians of the Galaxy and there was this one scene that I loved, it was near the begining and Quil was dancing and this song was playing. Then I came home and I couldn’t get it out of my mind so a few days after that I started searching on youtube and I found it. So of course, me being me, I listened to it over and over again and couldn’t get myself to stop. It has really nice rythm and is great for dancing. And even though I hate dancing, this is the one song that gets even me moving.

Next song is Sara Perche ti Amo and I made it my goal to learn the lyrics. I’m making slow progress, but I think I have the first half down quite nicely. I don’t know why I love this song. I heard it somwhere and then there was a period of time when I was downloading anything and everything when it comes to music. So I downloaded a rar file from one website and one of the songs was this one. And somehow, I just started to listen to it more and more and soon it was one of my most favourite songs.

And the last one is Limahl’s Never Ending story. I saw all the movies and while they weren’t bad, I prefered the TV series. Series that I can’t find anywhere on the internet… Pitty… Well, but the thing is, I decided that I like the song and I even learned the text and was always singing along. As for the TV series, that was in the TV when I was around 13 or something. And I really loved it. I liked the idea of Atrei not being a boy but a man. And that it was really interconnected, the land from the book and the “real world”. Yes, in the later movies, this is too, but not so much as in the TV series. It was only one season they were screening, but I think there was actually season 2, just probably never made in czech… But I’m too lazy to actually deal with that… So I ditched it. I mean, who cares? I don’t. I just love it and would have liked to watch it again. But it’s nowhere to be found…

I would have loved to include my fourth most favourite song, but it says three so I will only talk about it very quickly. It’s Turn loose the mermaids from Nightwish and it is really great for if you want to sing along with them. Great lyrics and really beautifull melody. You just can’t not sing.

Okay, that’s it. I’m stopping now and will get on to the next excersise or something.




(Written on 17. 9. 2014)


First of, I’m not gonna go into the comic-verse, only the movie verse. I never read the comic books and I never will. Comic books aren’t my style and I just cannot get over how some of the characters are drawn. Like Hawkeye, I mean, purple? Weird purple? Come on! After seeing him being portrayed by Renner, I just can’t imagine him in any other way! And I mean, Renner, who could say no to that?

So, that’s why I’ll never read the comic books, On the other hand, I never say no to going on the internet and finding more about specific characters. Not all but sometimes, further info is necessary.

However, I’ve watched practically everything that is part of MCU (Marvel cinematic universe). With the exception of Amazing spiderman 2, where I’m waiting for a better quallity to be available on the net. Maybe it’s already there, but I have yet to see it.


Still, the best thing about Marvel is that they created this whole universe that is interconnected in all their movies and even the comics, but as I haven’t read those, I can’t really talk. Still, the Marvel Cinematic Universe – MCU – is great and I love how it all ties together. I mean, for a while, the x-men stood alone, but in one of the other movies, I think it was in Captain America 2, in the after credits scene, there are Wanda and Pietro Maximoff – Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. And those are mutants and so it ties together nicely.

The whole idea is amazing and I’m eagerly awaiting the new movies that are announced. Like the one about Black Widow and Cap 3 as well as Avengers 2 and I also heard rumors about a third version of the Hulk movie, this one staring Mark Ruffalo, the one who played Banner in Avengers. I think it would be interesting. As it would have the same actor and I think that would be a plus.


So, I will probably write more about the individual movies as they come out or as I watch them, but I’m not making any promises. Still, MCU is amazing and I think you should watch the movies. As well as the TV series Agents of SHIELD and even the one shots that are basically very short films – like “Something funny happened on the way to Thor’s Hammer”.


Zodiac (2007)

(Written on 16. 9. 2014)

So I’m watching the movie Zodiac from 2007 where one of the main cast is Robert Downey Jr.

(Continued on 17. 9. 2014)

Well, seems like I stopped after just one sentence. Well, I guess the movie was way too captivating for me not to watch. I did finish watching it though. And I have to say that the second part was not really that interesting. Yeah, that morron was running here and there trying to find out who Zodiac was, but hey, I was watching it because of RDJ and in the second half, he has one flimsy appearance… Not cool at all!

But still, I did enjoy the movie. All the cyphers and codes and the hunt for the killer. And one more thing, Mark Ruffalo (is that how it’s spelled?), the guy who played Bruce Banner in Avengers, was playing in this movie. That’s another good thing. well, he’s one of those in whose movies i haven’t yet looked, but I will.

So, if you like crime and mysteries, I think you would enjoy the movie. It was not amazing, but it was pretty good, that’s for sure.

However, I can’t say I like the females that were in the movie. I mean, I can understand the guys had wifes, but seriously, I don’t much like women… There are exceptions – mainly from Marvel. But that’s another thing entirely.

Okay, I should probably stop, as I’m writing complete bulshit.


Agents of SHIELD

(Written on 16. 9. 2014)

Today, I finished watching the first season of Agents of SHIELD. It was awesome and with several twists I didn’t expect. Like, who turned out to be the clairvoyant and also that Ward was Hydra. Well, I did expect that a little, as it was a part of a story I read, but still… Well, the good part is that they caught him and there were a lot of funny parts.

Like, at the end, there was Coulson going back for a “thing” and firing it and obliterating the clairvoyant who wasn’t really clairvoyant.

There will also be a second season, so I’m very much looking forward to it. And how Coulson will rebuild SHIELD. That will surely be interesting.

This show is really good and I loved it. Also the fact, that it is Marvel is a good thing. Right now, I’m pretty much obsessed with anything that is Marvel, so I watch anything and everything I can get my hand son. Including non-Marvel movies that have the Avengers cast playing in them.

And it will probably not stop there and I will look also into stuff that has Coulson’s team playing in it.

And what about you, dear readers? Do you like Marvel and more specifically Agents of SHIELD? If yes, what did you like the most? For me it was the fact that Coulson was alive and kicking ass. Also, I love Skye’s hacking skills and the bickering between Fitz and Simmons. It’s hillarious.

On the other hand, I was really hoping that maybe Hawkeye or Black Widow would appear on it for at least one episode, but no, they didn’t… Well, we did get to see Sif in one ep… But that’s not enough. So I hope that one of the two I mentioned will be on season 2. Even if just for one episode. One episode would be enough and Hawkeye is such an underappreciated Avenger… I think he should have more screen time.

Okay, I will shut up now and let you make heads and tails of this post.

And as for coments, they would make me happy, so if you have something to say, say it!


BloodMoon online

(Written on 11. 9. 2014)

Two or three days ago I found an interesting online game. It’s with werevolfs, vampires and hunters. At first, I thought it would be boring and a bit too much of a reminder that I hate Twilight, but hey, it turned to be a good one. First, you pick your race. I play on two servers and on one I’m a hunter and on the other I’m a vampire. Then you pick a name and a portrait. Oh, and I think that the hunters have better portraits. At least, the females do. I didn’t check the male portraits much, so I cannot speak for those.

Then, they walk you through it. There are quests, fights against other players and so called boss fights that are accessible through the world map. You also have a sanctuary, where you can improve it’s appearance and it looks good!

Next thing is the graphics. I mean, not much when it comes to the game, but when it comes to the interface when you’re questing, amazing pictures to look at! I even started to draw them. Well, not all of them, but the ones I really like, like… Creepy house, ruined castle, abandoned graveyard, some werid dock or something…

Love it!

Then there are shops for potions and for weapons and gear. But you can usually find the gear by questing. The potions, however, are quite interesting and I use them often, well, as often as I can, because I don’t like buying the ones costing “hematit”, which is currency bought with real money (or sometimes found through questing).

Last interesting thing are the “guilds”. I’m pretty sure they are not actually called guilds in the original english version, but I’m too lazy to go check it out. So let’s call it a guild.

The guild has three buildings and each one gives one bonus. One gives health bonus, other expi bonus and the last one gives gold bonus. All depending on the building level, of course.

This game may sound boring to you, but I love it very much, mainly because of the pictures during the quest interface. I was literaly blown away by them! And when I force myself to actually film my next sketchbook, I might point out the ones that are from the game.

Okay, I hope I didn’t forget anything, but seriously, I love it, so if you’re bored or have some free time on your hands, or if you simply like playing online games, go check it out!


How to train your dragon 2

About two days ago, I managed to force myself to watch the second How to train your dragon movie. And man, it was awesome! Okay, I admit I didn’t like Hiccup’s helmet, but other than that, it was amazing. And there were some really funny scenes too!

The gist of the plotline is that Hiccup is flying around and stumbles upon a dragon trapping band. Then, a bunch of dragons take him and Toothless to a frozen spiky kind of a dragon cliff and he meets an interesting dragon “master”. It turns out it is his mother and she’s been living in the cliff with the alpha dragon there for 20 years straight.

The dragon trappers are connected to this evil overlord that comands another alpha dragon and the two alphas clash. During that, Hiccup’s father is killed and the bloody bastard goes and attacks Burk (is that the correct spelling?). However, since the “evil” alpha defeted the other one, it also took control of the dragons, so they have to improvise to get to Berk.

Thankfully, there are still the baby dragons, which will not be controled by anyone. Not alpha and not really by a human either.

So they get to Berk and Hiccup regains control over Toothless – through their friendship.

After that, Toothless challenges the “evil” alpha and wins, thus kinda becoming the new alpha for all the present dragons.

The movie was amazing and I loved it very much. Mainly all the aerial tricks. As well as the battle of Toothless vs. the Alpha. It was simply great!

After this, I did a bit of a research and found out there will be a third movie, which I just can’t wait to see, seeing as Hiccup become the village leader and I want to see how that will turn out. I’m also interested in what new tricks on dragons there will be.

Can’t wait.

Uh…. Is it just me, or am I really bad at writing reviews? I think I’m not really that great at it, but I love writing it. It’s just… Apart from the storyline and a few sentences about my thoughts, I don’t really have anything to write…

Okay, but seriously, if you’re into animated movies, I think you should watch this one. It will blow you away!

Enough said. I’m now gonna go and rewatch the first Iron Man movie.