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Hello again, my dear readers.

I know I’ve been away for a while. Well, not really away, but not writing anything. It has a really easy explanation. I didn’t know what to write. Apart from some papers for school. But that was necessary and not fun at all!

But now I’m back with a post.

I don’t really know how far back it was that I saw the movie for the first time, but I don’t think it was more than a month. The movie I’m talking about, is Wreck-It-Ralph. It is an animated Disney movie that depicts what videogame characters do after the arcade is closed. The main focus is on the bad guy from the game Fix-It Felix jr. The character is named Ralph and is a professional wrecker.

And what he breaks, Felix fixes.

But the problem is, that Ralph is fed up with being the bad guy. He wants to be one of the good guys, or nicelanders, as they are called inside his game. So he barges in when the nicelanders and Felix are having an aniversary party. Of course, it doesn’t work the way he would have wanted, but the nicelanders told him that if he got a medal, he could live with them in the penthouse.

So Ralph sets out on an adventure to get him a medal. And after meeting a soldier from the Hero’s duty game, he decides that it would be easy to get the medal from that game.

But abandoning your own game means going turbo, like a character from a game from a long time ago, that decided to take over another game when it became more popular than his own. But this action put both the games out of order.

And therefore, while Ralph is getting his medal, his own game is put out of order. At least temporarly.

Ralph manages to get his medal, but then he crashes a shuttle craft in another game. This one called Suger Rush, which is a pink filled go cart game.

His medal ends up on one of the candy trees and while trying to get it, he meets a little girl. The girls is named Vanellope and she manages to get to the medal before him. And then she uses it to enter her name into a race because she wants to be a real racer. At first, Ralph is mad at her, but then they decide to team up to get her a real racing cart.

This friendship gets temporarly undone when king Candy, the ruler of Sugar Rush, gives Ralph the medal back for smashing Vanellope’s cart.

And in the meantime, the shuttle that Ralph crashed, contained a cybug, which is a kind of virus from Hero’s Duty, that know only eat, kill and multiply. The female captain from Hero’s Duty knows this and decides to follow it to SR to kill it before it can lay it’s eggs. She is acompanied by Felix himself who is trying to find Ralph in order to save their game.

Then, Felix falls for the captainess, gets thrown into a dungeon, Ralph gets him out, Felix fixes the go cart for Vanellope, the race happens, it is unveiled that king Candy is in fact Turbo and that the bug multiplied.

Suger Rush is almost destroyed, but Ralph manages to save the day by creating a make-shift beacon which is the only way to get rid of the bugs. Suger Rush is saved when Vanellope crosses the finish line and it is then revveiled that she is the rightful ruler of Suger Rush and that Turbo tried to delete her code and thus forcing her to be a glitch.

But in the end, all is well, Ralph is liked by the nicelanders, Felix marries the female captain and Vanellope recreates Suger Rush to be a constitutional democracy and becomes the president.

The movie is really good and I really love the animation. Also, it shows that nothing is black and white and that even good guys can be bad, like Turbo, who started as a good guy. And that a bad guy can actually save the day.

I know the movie is targeted to younger audience, but I really think that it’s not bad and worth giving it a try. But that’s just me because lately, I found myself watching a lot of different animated disney movies.

What do you think? Have you seen the movie? If yes, what do you think about it? If not, did I spoil it for you too much? Please, forgive me, if so.


Maze Runner

(Written on 27. 9. 2014)

111I love Marvel, I love Marvel Cinematic universe, but I also love fantasy and dystopian movies. And this time, I was in luck. Yesterday, I went to the cinema with my mother to see the Maze Runner movie. And it was awesome! A band of boys and one girl trapped in this gigantic maze swarming with “greavers”. Amazing. And with no idea why they’re there and no idea how to get out. That is, until the newbie boy manages to kill one of the greavers and they find they are at least part machines and také one of the parts with them.

The boy (Thomas) then goes exploring again, with another guy – Minho and they find a section of the maze, they haven’t found before. And they start thinking that there might be a way out after all.

But one of the other guys doesn’t want to get out of there, he says that this is their home now. Well, let’s just say, that their area suddenly openes all of the gates and the greavers start pouring in. After that, the group splits in two, one part stays and the other one, they decide to try and find a way out. They manage, but loose a few of their own. After that, some questions are answered, but many more arise and the kids are herded into a chopper and fly somwhere who knows where, which will probably be in the next movie.

And I can’t wait for it.

My mother doesn’t agree with all the unanswered questions, but I think it makes it interesting. Like, a lot of speculations between the people who didn’t read the books and probably even between the ones who read them. I myself am actually thinking about reading the second book, because, hey! I want to know what happenes next! The movie was amazing! And it also has huge potential for fanfiction. Well, so far there are only a few right now, but I’m hoping there will be more with time.

Newt-The-voice-of-reason-the-maze-runner-37527984-877-1280 Newt-the-maze-runner-37618012-1200-1000

Well, that’s probably it for now.

See ya next time.




So, I decided to discard the idea to write about ABEL: It Can’t Be You and move directly to the post about the Noah movie I was talking about earlier.


So, where to start, where to start… I should probably mention that I saw it in 3D and that makes even a bad movie seem okay. Anyway, so I saw the movie. The idea is directly taken from the Bible, obviously, since it is the big flood or whatever it is called in english… The movie starts with talk about Adam and Eve and their line. And how it is split into two lines. From one, Noah is, the other one is the line of Kain. By the way, why is it always the guys with cool names that are the bastards?

Okay, nevermind that. Moving on.

So, Noah has been told by god. He was told that all the evil will be flushed out by the flood. And he is to save the inocents. The animals. And he starts building the Arch with his family. Which includes a girl they found – Hermione… Ehm… Pardon – Illa (Is it two L?).

Noah Movie

I really don’t want to reveal too much, but I’m suspecting that you know the story from the Bible anyway. So, they build the arch, then tehy fight off the other humans on the planet, because, obviously, they want to be saved.

Ah, and Noah is such a badass. At first, he believes that his family is to die out after they save the animals, but the twin daughters of Illa and Chem (Shem?)? *doesn’t know the english spelling for his name* change that. They make him see that not all humanity is bad.


And in the end, they land and start making their home there.

And then, there is this moment! A moment where you just want to sing a song from this french/czech movie La Creation du Monde. That was the french name, in czech it is Stvoření světa, in english it should be The Creation of the World. However, I have no idea wether the song is in the original version, or if it was for example translated in english. I only have the knowledge of the song in czech. And it’s great. And this song… There was this moment in the movie, almost at the end, when Noah tells them to repopulate the world. In czech, it’s almost the words from the song, no Idea what he says in english. So, I imagined the song. Sure, it’s in czech and majority of you won’t understand, but I will still link it.

And the conclusion? Go watch the movie. It’s good. And it has good actors. Apart from Hermione, because that is waht Emma Watson will always be to us, Harry Potter fans, there is Anthony Hopkins and other well known actors. Though I will have to check who plays the sons. I have no idea and I wanted to find out yesterday!

See ya.


Hi, yesterday (13. 4. 2014) I went to the cinema with my mother and grandfather to watch the Noah movie. And I have to say it was great! However, I will leave the evaluation of the movie itself to a post of its own. This post is more about the whole experience.

So, like every Sunday, my grandpa came to our house for lunch, several days before, I made us a reservation in the cinema, so that we can have good seats. And so some time after the lunch, we wnet.

And this is where the fun starts. You see, whenever grandpa is with us, we end up arguing about all the unimportant stuff. So, this time, it was how to get to the cinema. Mom and grandpa had these weird ideas but I shot those down and told them we were taking a tram. Yeah, I admit it is a bit of a walk to get to it, but it was a nice day. Not too hot and not too cold, so there.

When we got off, it was another debate, wether to take another tram and go one stop or if we are to go on foot. I was all for going on foot, but grandpa just ahd to go by tram and unfortunatelly, mom agreed with him. At least hte tram was already there so we didn’t have to wait. I’d say that’s a good thing.


And then, we went to the “Velký špalíček”, which is where the cinema is. (Kudos to those who can guess which city I’m from!) and we got the tickets. Also we got the Cinema City Club card! I just love all the cards! And I just had to have it. I mean, it is convenient, because, with it, all the tickets are cheaper and with the points, you can get free tickets too!

And then, we got something to drink because I just cannot survive a movie without drinking!

Also, after a long time, We got popcorn to go with the movie. Usually, I don’t buy it, but this time, I was feeling like munching on something while watching. Unfortunatelly, we were there early and I ate the popcorn before the movie even started… But it was still a fun thing.

The movie was good! I mean, all the good actors, one of them being Hermione, and while I don’t remember the names of the others, I know they are very well known. I think one of them was Anthony Hopkins. But I just don’t remember the names of the actors. I mean, I can tell you almost all the main actors from Lord of the Rings, but this? No, I don’t remember. But I did enjoy the movie!

*And a bird just flew past my window*

Okay, and now I’m seriously distracted! Not by the bird, but by thinking about writing my stories! And I honestly don’t know what to write more to this. So bye.

See ya.

The Sandlot

0108037An older movie, I believe the year it was made in is 1993 or something? Correct me if I’m wrong. Well, the year doesn’t matter that much.

So, this movie is about a boy who moves into a new neighbourhood and meets a boy named Benny. Benny Rodriguez. This kid together with a group of others plays baseball almost everyday on this bit of land called The Sandlot. The new kid – Scotty Smalls – sees them and in the end becomes one of them. And if left at this, it would be boring as hell, but that’s not the case, because there is the “Monster”. A monster behind a fence. And when the boys lose a ball that was signed by a famous baseball player and it falls victim to the monster, they try everything they can to save it. The only thing they don’t try is knocking on Mr. Mertle’s door.

In the end, Benny jumpes over the fence and gets the ball. Only, the “Monster” starts chasing him so he runs around the neighbourhood and leads it back to the fence, which falls over the “monster”. Smalls then pleades with the boys to help him lift the fence because the “Monster” which is actually a big dog, is crushed under it and it’s hurting him.

And then, there’s a happy ending and the dog kinda becomes the official mascot of the kids.


Yes, the plot is simple and the movie is kinda old, but it is nicely done and I will probably watch it again. I watched the second movie in the series before this first one and it was good, but the first one is better.

There is also a third movie, but I stopped watching after about fifteen minutes into the movie. It cannot meassure up to the first two! No way! And the first is still the best. So, if you want a relaxing movie that still has an interesting plot, go watch The Sandlot. :)

See ya.


It’s about half a week back when I went to see the movie Pompeii. I saw the trailer before and had high expectations. And I was not dissapointed. The movie is very good and definitely worth watching. About a young celtic “slave” (gladiator) that is moved from the city Londinium into Pompeii. There he meets the love of his life – Cassia. And another gladiator who he becomes friends with – Atticus.

However, life is not happy and there is this mean and nasty politician from Rome. And he has his eyes on Cassia. And wants the “slave” dead. So, games in the arena. Okay, that would have been okay. The celtic gladiator is strong enough to win. However, the mountain has other ideas and starts spouting fire. So, everyone panics and starts running. And… “Surprisingly” everyone is fried.

Yes, the plotline is a bit more complicated than that, but I don’t want to reveal too much in case you want to see it for yourselves. So there.


The movie was really good and I definitelly recommend it. For some reason it was like I was watching something from the fantasy genre. Even though this is more of a catastrophic movie than anything else. The actors did a good job and while I don’t know any of them, it doesn’t matter.

However, my slash-y side decided I don’t like Cassia. I was hoping that at least the celtic guy would save himself. But no, he has to be the gentleman and stay with the lady! God, I don’t like her! If she were a guy, then… But that is not happening. But that’s just me. I simply don’t like female protagonists. Antagonists, yes, I can bitch about those without being lynched, but female protagonists… No. Not my cup of tea. At least the main guy was pretty.

Go watch it.

See ya.

The Hunger Games – Chatching Fire

Just yesterday, I finally saw the second Hunger games movie. And, I have to say that I liked the first one better. It was somehow a complete chapter. This one has too much of an open ending. Yeah, I know there will probably be another one, but still… Second movies in trilogies (tetralogies) are usually the worst. And I think this one is not an exception.

So, Katnis is elected to be part of some kind of special round of Hunger games. Okay. Understandable, since she’s the only female to ever win in district 12. There are revolutions and somehow the one who organized the hunger games is part of that. Yes, it’s complicated. And frankly, I didn’t even try to understand it all.



Another thing is I don’t like the mockingjay. Sure, it is the symbol of teh revolution or something. And there is some mysterious district 13 and waht not, but seriously, nightingale would have been better. I like nightingale better. However, if I were to choose a bird, I’d go with the Raven.

Well… That’s beside the point. One thing’s for sure. Do not try to watch it before watching the first movie. I think it would be too confusing.

All in all, it was kinda a dissapointment. Not completely, but still… Second movie and all that. Unlike the czech movie Babovřesky (second movie), this one was not better than the first, but worst. With Babovřesky, the second was as good as the first. I can’t say it was better, it was too different, but it was enjoyable.

Okay, enough of this. I’m getting sidetracked!

See ya.