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Windows 8 update


A few day back, I installed the new update for windows 8. I think it’s windows 8.1. Well… apart from the weird colors of the tiles, I am, in general, happy with it. Though, if anyone knows, whether the color of the tiles themselves can be changed, I’d be interested in hearing it. It’s bugging me! It’s way too colorfull! And in order to have it at least aranged by the color, my system is gone!

Other than that, I’m fairly happy with it. It din’t change much, the options are a bit more in-depth, the ones you can access from the side options/bar. Or whatever you call it. Moving on. There are other small changes. I’m not sure if the shop design is basically a shop update or if it is this way because of the windows update. Never mind. It’s still confusing. I don’t like how the shop looks.


Oh, and one more think, whenever I close windows 8 mode of Torch and then turn of the computer, when I next turn it on and open the browser, I have to click restore because it jsut always tells me it didn’t shut down properly, which is bulcrap! Torch is still the best browser though. I’m definitely not changing it! At least not any time soon. Should probably install it on my other computer as well as my desktop in school… As each student has their own account.

Well, never mind that, it’s not important. What I would like to knwo, is if there is anyone else who has the update. Out of you, that are reading my blog, of course. I would like to know what you think about it. :) Share your oppinions with me, yeah?

See ya.


Follow-up on my rant about Google chrome

So I’ve been using Torch the past few days and the only thing I found that doesn’t work in Windows 8 mode is DivX web player. Which is something I can live without as I’m only using the desktop DivX player to watch downloaded movies. So, if there are any of you that are experiencing problems with windows 8’s version of google chrome, try using Torch browser, which is essentially the same, only it can download torrents and has a few other nifty thingies. Thoough I’m not really using those. Only the torrent download, as that was the primary reason I even had Torch.


The only remaining question is: Should I uninstal Google Chrome completely or should I keep it as a back-up browser?

I’m thinking of removing it completely as I don’t really have a use for it anymore. But somehow, I don’t wanna… So if any of you want to give your oppinion on this, it would be great. :)

See ya.