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Writing 101 – Day Five: Be Brief

(Written on 18. 9. 2014 for Dailypost’s Writing 101)

So I find a letter… What’s in it? Probably a conspiration theroy of some kind. I love those. and if I were to find a letter I would hope it would be some kind of a prediction of DOOM. As for returning it to the person adressed to, yeah, sure, I would, but only if they let me join in the conspiration theory! I want in!

So I would look and see who it’s adressed to and I would go there and I would threaten them to turn the letter to the police or burn it (it probably contains something of importance the theorist’s don’t want to lose) if they didn’t let me join in on the fun.

How’s that?

What would be in your letter and what would you do with it?


PS. Holy shit! This was written like… three months ago!

Three songs

(Written for Writing 101 on dailypost.wordpress.com on 18. 9. 2014)

So, what are the three songs that are most important to me? First, I need to say, that it would be three songs that are most important to me now, not of all time, because what I like to listen to keeps changing based on what I hear, see and many more factors.

And the three songs I like the most at this moment are: Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack – Redbone – Come and get your love. Next one is Sara Perche ti Amo and the last one is really tough because I don’t really know… It’s hard to decide between Nightwish’s Turn loose the mermaids and Limahl’s Never ending Story, but it would probably be the Neverending story.

So, why do I like Redbone – Come and get your love? Well, not too long ago, I saw the new movie Guardians of the Galaxy and there was this one scene that I loved, it was near the begining and Quil was dancing and this song was playing. Then I came home and I couldn’t get it out of my mind so a few days after that I started searching on youtube and I found it. So of course, me being me, I listened to it over and over again and couldn’t get myself to stop. It has really nice rythm and is great for dancing. And even though I hate dancing, this is the one song that gets even me moving.

Next song is Sara Perche ti Amo and I made it my goal to learn the lyrics. I’m making slow progress, but I think I have the first half down quite nicely. I don’t know why I love this song. I heard it somwhere and then there was a period of time when I was downloading anything and everything when it comes to music. So I downloaded a rar file from one website and one of the songs was this one. And somehow, I just started to listen to it more and more and soon it was one of my most favourite songs.

And the last one is Limahl’s Never Ending story. I saw all the movies and while they weren’t bad, I prefered the TV series. Series that I can’t find anywhere on the internet… Pitty… Well, but the thing is, I decided that I like the song and I even learned the text and was always singing along. As for the TV series, that was in the TV when I was around 13 or something. And I really loved it. I liked the idea of Atrei not being a boy but a man. And that it was really interconnected, the land from the book and the “real world”. Yes, in the later movies, this is too, but not so much as in the TV series. It was only one season they were screening, but I think there was actually season 2, just probably never made in czech… But I’m too lazy to actually deal with that… So I ditched it. I mean, who cares? I don’t. I just love it and would have liked to watch it again. But it’s nowhere to be found…

I would have loved to include my fourth most favourite song, but it says three so I will only talk about it very quickly. It’s Turn loose the mermaids from Nightwish and it is really great for if you want to sing along with them. Great lyrics and really beautifull melody. You just can’t not sing.

Okay, that’s it. I’m stopping now and will get on to the next excersise or something.



“Day two”: A room with a view

(Written on 20. 6. 2014)


So, again, a post related to the writing 101 on dailypost.wordpress.com. 

This time the task is to write about a place you want to be in. 

So, where would I want to go? 

That’s easy. The worlds I dream about. The worlds that center around the organization of DragonOrder I made up and it’s home-world. The ShadowRealm. The city of CrowHaven and the NightmareCastle. But alas, as this place only exists in my imagination, I cannot go there physically. On the other hand, I can retreat there anytime I want whenever and wherever I’m. 

I would like to tell you more about the DO, but I will not. that thing is my and mine only. And noone will ever know what exactly it is. I will give you something though. The organization’s main goal is to unify the time flow of every world there is, which is an impossible task seeing as there are new worlds created every second and some of them dissapear. 

However, a world is anchored once a time anchor is established. The only exception is when an alternative to an already existing world appears. When that happens and the DO’s agents enter, the previous one will vanish. 


However, to tell you more about the DO’s headquarters. Well, not really the castle that is the HQ, but the world. There are dragons there. The most endangered species. The Silver-eyes-black-dragons. More comonly known as silver eyes. 

There are not many of them left. However, they call the Shadow Realm their home and will help to defend it if needed.


What more do you want to know? I want to be there. 

It is the place of my dreams and maybe, I will be there one day, in some different life. I would like that. 

What do you think? Will I ever get there? 

I hope I will…