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A simple question

Hey, I just got an idea. Do you want me to post videos of me flipping through my sketchbook? It’s already uploaded on youtube. I’d just have to post it here. So if you’re interested, please let me know, and I’ll see what I can do. I just don’t wanna post it here if noone would look at it. That would be a collossal waste of time. Don’t you think?


See ya.


Follow-up on my rant about Google chrome

So I’ve been using Torch the past few days and the only thing I found that doesn’t work in Windows 8 mode is DivX web player. Which is something I can live without as I’m only using the desktop DivX player to watch downloaded movies. So, if there are any of you that are experiencing problems with windows 8’s version of google chrome, try using Torch browser, which is essentially the same, only it can download torrents and has a few other nifty thingies. Thoough I’m not really using those. Only the torrent download, as that was the primary reason I even had Torch.


The only remaining question is: Should I uninstal Google Chrome completely or should I keep it as a back-up browser?

I’m thinking of removing it completely as I don’t really have a use for it anymore. But somehow, I don’t wanna… So if any of you want to give your oppinion on this, it would be great. :)

See ya.

I decided


Yes. I decided that I will post my drawings here. They not perfect. Far from it actually, but they’re mine and I’d like to get some feedback on them. So I will be posting em here. I’ll be creating a new category for it named I draw and in there they will be. I might use them as illustrations in other posts, but not always. So, I hope you will like tem. 

See ya.



Heya! I will be posting random things here. Anything that comes to my mind. I need a place like that. So there will be a mix of everything. Music, pictures, my rambling and so on. Hope you enjoy!