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Can’t get it out of my head

22Okay, so after a while, I’m responding to the Daily Prompt again. This time, it’s about obsession. And I have a big one. For several years now. So, basically, I’m a girl that cannot live without slash. Reading it, watching it, whatever, but I need slash, or for those, that don’t understand, I like gay stuff. Especially if the guys are hot and sexy!

I started watching shounen-ai anime in, I think it was my second grade of high school. So I was about 17 at that time. The first I watched was, I think, the anime Gravitation? Or was it not? Seriously, I don’t remember. I watched too many of them at that time. Even hardcore yaoi. And then, it wasn’t enough, because, there were many animes where I started to disagree with the canon couples. And not just animes.

Like… Harry Potter. I just cannot stand Giny. And there are so many guys Harry could be with! Like… Lord Voldemort, Viktor Krum, Rabastan, Bill or Charlie Weasley. So many! And yet, Rowling sticks him with little whory Giny. Nope, don’t like her.

And it’s not just Harry Potter, it’s for example LOTR as well! I mean, Legolas and Aragorn? Who can say no to that?

There are much more. Mainly animes like Bleach, One Piece, Vanguard, what am I watching also? Oh yes, Spiral (watched that at least as many times as it has episodes). Basically, anything that has sexy guys, I go and try to find stories that have the couples I like. Which is mostly non-canon.

This same thing is true with computer games. As well as pure fantasy.

I not only read and watch slash, I also write it. First, it was only original stories, and all in czech, but recently, I got into writing in english and fanfiction. Not that much fanfiction, and it mostly centers around the computer game Legend of Grimrock, but it is slash. And it is fanfiction.

So yeah, that would be what I’m obsessed with. Slash. Can’t imagine living without it. I mean, if I couldn’t read it or write it, fine, I can still at least think it, but if for some reason, I couldn’t even think it, it would be really bad! And I mean bad for those that forbid it!

See ya.

Devil May Cry

As I mentioned Dante in the previous post, it got me thinking about actually introducing you to one of my favourite animes. The Devil May Cry anime. Why? Well… It has Dante! I mean, sexy half demon demon hunter… What do you want more? Oh, I know! For him to be real! xD But alas, we can’t have that so we have to do with just the anime and the video games.
I will not be going into the video games in this post, I’ll leave that for later. This is about the anime only.


So, Dante is a demon hunter in Capulet (I think…) city. He owns the shop Devil May Cry and for money, he goes and defeats demons that swarm the earth. Then, there is Morrison, his agent who hands him jobs.

Also, Dante is always short on money, because, his friend Lady, yes, that is what she’s called, always takes it from him. Well, he does owe her a huge amount… And then, there’s Trish. She’s a demon modeled after Dante’s mother. And she can control electricity to some extent. Honestly, I don’t know the full range of her powers.


Okay, so about the storyline.

It starts with Dante having to deliver a young girl – Patty Lowel – to some mansion in order for her to recieve her inheritance or something. He tries to refuse, but in the end, he does it.

They travel and are attacked by several demons. In the end, it is shown that this Patty is not the one the inheritance is for and she was only used as decoy.

Patty then starts hanging around Dante’s shop and some of the scenes are quite funny.


The plotline then continues with some missions, in the second, Lady is introduced and few episodes later, it’s Trish.

In total, there are twelve episodes and my favourite si ninth and sixth. The sixth episode has great music! I mean, the Rock Queen Elena Huston’s song is beautiful! Then, the ninth episode has POKER! Seriously, POKER! And that says it all! I like poker very much. And the version used in the anime, it’s interesting. Won’t go into it, though. That would take too much time, just go and watch the episode. It’s great! I promise!


Then, the last two episodes or so, there is the hell and underworld and the reason for Patty being there is finally uncovered. I again, won’t go into it. This time, because I just don’t remember it well enough. That part is boring anyway. I suggest you skip the last episodes. Well… probably not the first time, but if you watch it more than once, I don’t think the last episodes are interesting enough.


Other than that, the anime is great! I’ve read some reviews saying that it’s no good and so on and so forth, but still… It’s DANTE!

Sure, the games are so much more interesting than the anime, and the plotline is thicker and more thought out, but still, the anime is good. I wouldn’t say it is the best out there, that would be pushing it, but is certainly isn’t bad.

See ya.

One Piece

Aww… What the hell… I’ll just post this too…

This is currently one of my favourite animes. It has over 600 episodes and is still ongoing. At first, I was watching it with english dubbing. Then, I got to the point that there were no more dubbed episodes, yet. So I was wondering whether I should continue watching with eng. subtitles, or if I whould wait. In the end, I got tired of waiting and started watching with subs. I did skip a few episodes. The part with the missing flags, I’ve got no idea what that’s about. I also did skip parts of the battle with Moria.

Oh, and I did skip Ace’s death. That was cruel! He was one of my favourite characters!


Moving on. The plotline is quite simple – Luffy, he wants to be the King of the Pirates. So he stes out on the sea and searches for a crew. First, Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro get’s roped into joining. Thus becoming the first mate. Then, Luffy decides that a girl named Nami will be the navigator. And practically forces her to join. The next on the list is Usopp who they happen across by chance. He’s a great sniper and has a good aim. He joins too.

And then, Luffy wants a cook. So they go to Baratie, a restaurant, where he ropes Sanji to join. And after spending some time at the restaurant, he does.


Next part would be defeating one of the shichibukai – Arlong. And after that, Nami joins the crew for real, having finally saved her village.

And so to the Grand Line they go. The Grand Line is the place where at the end, or so it seems, the One Piece is. And the only one, who conquered it all, was the former Pirate King Gol D. Roger.

On the grand line, many dangers are waiting for the Straw Hat Pirates. But also new friends and crewmates. One of them is the doctor Choper, who is in fact a raindeer who ate the human human devil fruit. Then Nico Robin, a former enemy joins them. Her being interested in ponyglyphs that have some secret message about some weapon or something like that.


Another member, who joins is a shipwright whose name is Franky. He wears speedo and likes to say the word super. Also, he’s a cyborg.

And the last crew member, for now, is Brook. He’s a living skeleton. And a musician. And has weird laugh. Not as weird as a girl named Perona, so that’s good.

Then there are the Devil fruits. Those who eat them, gain unnatural abilities, but lose the ability to swim. Luffy ate one – the gum gum fruit, thus he’s a rubber man. Others on the Straw Hat crew, who ate a devil fruit are Robin, the hana hana fruit, gaining the ability to reproduce parts of her body, such as arms and legs. Even eyes. Then Choper, like I mentioned before. And Brook. I think the one he ate was teh revival revival fruit or something like that.

Other prominent characters of this series are Ace, the brother of Luffy, who dies during the battle at Marineford. Then Sengoku, one of the leaders of the Marines, the shichibukai, also known as the seven warlords of the sea. And those are Dracul Mihawk, Boa Hanckoc, Doflamengo, Moria, Bartholomew Kuma, and some more.


Former warlords (shichibukai) are Crocodile, Jimbei and some more whose names I just don’t remember. And the wikia doesn’t make much sense.

Oh, and then there are the admirals, or whatever, Aokiji, Akainu and Kizaru. Mighty strong, but can probably be beaten with Haki, which is an ability, that allowes people to fight on higher level. Even against logia type devil fruits.

Oh, and we cannot forget the Akagami no Shanks. Or readhair Shanks. Former mentor of Luffy, now one of the four yonko (emperors). Rulers of the New world, which is the second part of the grand line.

Okay, enough with the details. And more about what I think about it. Well… Frankly, some of the adventures are boring. Like… the part with the stolen flags… I didn’t like that. Also, I just hated when Ace died, but I learned to live with that.

Other than that, I really like the show and even more, I like the fact that it’s so long. Many people would probably like it better if it had the usual 24 episodes, like most anime do, but I like the longer ones. The longer, the better. I hate it, when it only has a few episodes and it’s the end… So kudos to One Piece. Still, I would like to know what exactly the One Piece is! I couldn’t find any hints. So, if you have a theory, share it!

See ya.

Sword Art online

An anime, to which I came back after a while. Still, the best episode is the one but last. I can’t help it, I like how he kicks that moron’s butt. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The whole idea of this anime, is that there is this new online RPG style game. And, people are trapped in it without any means to log out. The only way to get out is to beat the game, and, technically the creator – Kayaba Akihiko.
The main hero’s name is Kirigaya Kazuto, but his in-game name is Kirito. He was one of the beta testers of the game. And mostly knows what he’s doing.


The anime starts out mild, but gets pretty intense. Especially the first part. In the end, they find a bit of a different way to win – by defeating the one, that didi all of it. And not necessarily on the final floor of the game. Kirito figures out that Kayaba is Heathcliff – the leader of one of the greatest guilds in the game. The fact he figures it out, is really just a fluke, but he does and fights with him, in the end winning. And thus ending the game.


That’s not the end, though. Kirito’s friend – Asuna – is still trapped in virtual reality. How? Let’s just say that there’s this sleazy guy that has the hots for her and took a leaf out of Kayaba’s book. Thus trapping some of the people from SAO in a different game. And so Kirito sets on a quest to free her. And the rest of people that are still trapped.


And now we’re getting to the best part. The one but last episode of the second season of this anime. The best part is when Kirito… But…. I just can’t tell you! It would take all the fun away! Just go watch it. I’ll even be nice enough to give you a link to it. Okay?

Sword Art Online - 14 (6)

Here it is.

Okay. This is it. This is all and if you watch the anime, tell me what you think about it? I think it’s pretty good. :)

See ya.

Edit: No link for you. It appears wordpress doesn’t allow it. If you want that link, write me an email, or something. (A.Elfwind@gmail.com)
Or look it up yourselves, it’s on anilinkz. And that’s one of links that aren’t allowed on wordpress. Heh, as long as it’s not a link, I believe I’m safe. 

See ya.


Heh, almost forgot to post something today! And I still want to post something every day. Even if it is insignificant. Oh well. Let me say something about the picture. It is probably one of the oldest I have. Must have been thirteen or something when I drew it. Done in crayons. With very limited color range. Only had like twelve different coloers, or something like that.

On the picture is Elyon from Witch. When I was younger, I was really into that. Not any more, but I still have this picture. Because in regards to the skills I had when I drew it, it is pretty good. Today, I would probably be able to do a better job, but at that time, it was fucking brilliant!img023See ya.


Hey, I’ve got another picture for ya. It’s Atobe from Prince of Tennis, one of my favourite animes. He’s the captain of the Hyoutei tennis team. And nicknamed “Monkey King” The picture itself is one of my favourites. I like how it came out. Especially the eyes and the hair. I admit that the shirt could have been done better, but it is partly my scanner’s fault! I really like the shading in the face though. :)

img019Let me know what you think, okay? I’m looking forward to your coments. :) (Or likes)

See ya.

Eyes Rutherford from Spiral

Hey, I’ve got some more of my pictures. This time it’s some of the old ones again. It’s two pictures of Eyes Rutherford from Spiral, which is one of my favourite animes. This first picture is a side view. I don’t like the shirt, but I do like how the head in general came out. I wonder… Maybe I should draw him again and then compare it with these pictures… Oh well… Maybe I will. img021This second picture is a front view and I seriously don’t like how the eyes turned out. They are weird. Other than that, I do like it. I just really don’t like the eyes. And the eyebrows. Those are even weirder than the eyes!img022Okay. That’s it for now. Oh, and if you don’t know Spiral, I suggest you watch it! It’s really great. :)

See ya.

Kenshin Himura

This picture is just a mere sketch done in light blue pen, but I kinda like it. It was drawn without knowing what it is, but when I realized, I decided not to scratch it, and kept it. And now I’m posting it here.


It has been a while since I watched the anime, but I have to say I enjoyed it. Like, I’m not really into historical anime, but this one was good. So… I watched.

Also, I hope you like the picture at least a little bit. And it would be nice if you left a coment. :)

See ya.

Digital Chikorita

I believe I promised you a digital picture. Well, here it is. It’s Chikorita from Pokemon. Originaly, it was a much bigger picture, but I cut off the edges as it was kinda empty. And I think that it lookes much better this way. It was done in Photoshop CS 3 and I admit to using a refference. As I don’t really remember the anatomy of pokemon.


It is one of my better digital works. I have a few more, some of them good, some of them bad. And I think I’ll have to do more of ’em. I just can’t seem to find the right motivation… So if you want to push me into it, feel free to do so. :)

See ya.

Ash from Pokemon

This was originaly done as a request for a girl whose nick is Amely. The request was on my czech page. I decided to use crayons to do this as it is quite a simple picture. Though now, that I’m looking at it, I should have probably done the lineart thicker. Oh well… Too little too late. Never mind, it still looks good. At least I think it does. And it would be nice to know what you’re thinking. :) Oh, and next time I give you a picture, it will be a digitally done one. xD Ash 1


See ya.