This week was a great update for Star Stable. They added Spirit to the game. The Wild horse from the old Disney movie that a lot of us saw and loved. Dream works made a TV series on Netflix featuring Spirit’s son as the main horse. Can’t talk about the show, didn’t see it, but I can tell you with certainty that the Spirit in the game is great. And the biggest thing is that if you do all his quests, you will be able to buy him and he will be already level 15.

I myself am already almost there. With a bit of luck, I’ll be able to buy him by the end of the weekend. Can’t wait. Sure, you can’t put tack on him because he’s wild, but still, a level 15 horse for only a bit of hard work and 699 or so Star Coins? Who wouldn’t want him? I would.  And I’m seriously looking forward to it.

So I guess this is just a quick update as to what’s going on with me. This weekend I’m at my relatives place since my grandmother is celebrating her birthday. We had rice and meat for lunch and then more people came. My cousin’s son Mates wanted Minecraft and I tried to install it for him, but it wouldn’t work so we gave up. Right now, he’s looking at videos on youtube and playing around with Steam while I’m playing Star Stable Online and trying my damn best to get Spirit.

See ya!

Been a while, huh?

(Written on 28. 11. 2014)


So, it seems like I haven’t written anything for a while. I mean sure, just recently I posted a bunch of things, but they were written in september… So I decided to write something more. Like, I don’t really know what, but I did see a bunch of movies. Like the… Oh yes! The Judge with Robert Downey Jr. and what was the other one? …
O ja! The Interstellar. It was one of teh few sci-fy I can actually see. It was nice and I liked the whole idea of interconnected timelines. I love when timelines are connected or when there’s time travel to the past when it is actually relevant, like… I don’t know, for example how it was in HP 3 or even in X-men: Days of Future past. And then there is this one book where it really is interconnected like to the point that you have to directly interact with your past’s self. Okay, the english original is called Circle of Magic: Danger in the Palace. And this is book five out of six. I have them all and I’ve read them all, but this fifth one will always be my favourite.
And seriously, if you get your hand on it, read it. It’s worth it. I mean sure, it’s just this little book, but I like it.
As for the main reason that I haven’t been writing, well, I have a lot of schoolwork to do and I have been reading a lot of stories and also playing Grimrock. Yes, I know – shocker. But well, it’s like the best game invented! And I just can’t wait to get my hands on Grimrock 2. From what I’ve been told, it’s awesome!

I’ve also been writing stories. Lately, I’ve been a lot into fanfiction and been writing it a lot. Mainly Grimrock fanfiction, but I’m also a big fan of crossovers and so some of my Grimrock stories are crossed with for example Harry Potter or something. But it’s not just Grimrock I write, I also write HP crossovers. And lately, I’ve been thinking about writing an Avengers go into Grimrock story, but I have yet to figure out how to do it so that they end in there. I mean, I could just have Loki magick them there with a botched spellwork, but the thing is it would be a shame if Loki wasn’t there as well. And while a botched spellwork could do it, it’s not enough. So I will probably have to figure out something better.
Hopefully, my mind will supply me with something soon.
Because, recently, I figured how to make Grimrock portraits and therefore my custom characters with my own portraits and not with just what I download. So… I googled a lot and found a cute chibi avengers Picture so I disected it to the right sizes and created first and foremost Loki, then Tony, Hawkeye and Thor and as an afterthought a portrait of Hulk. Though I’m not playing with him just yet. So far, I’m playing with the other four. And more or less without cheating. The one thing I did though was to add some extra traits. Like headhunter for example and of course, thunderstruck.
Heh. Maybe I will go and listen to some AC/DC.
So bye.

Writing 101 – Loss

(Written on 18. 9. 2014 for dailypost’s writing 101)

So… What did I lose that would be ideal to write about? I could write about the time I lost my best friend, I could write about when my dog died of old age or I could write about the cats that never came back… Yes, I could, but that is not what I’m gonna be writing about. What I’m gonna tell you is actaully kinda funny. Well, funny… Depends on your definition of funny… I mean, it wasn’t funny when it happened, but hey, now when I look back, it totally is!

So, it was sometime when I was in my last or one but last year of grade school or something. We had PE and I was in the changing room. I put my sweatshirt on a hanger and went to class. After PE, I came, changed out of my PE clothes and left with my bag and PE stuff. Well, let’s just say… I never did také the sweatshirt from the hanger and only when I came back home did I realize that I left it there. Back then, I was worried what my mum would say if she knew so I never told her, but right now, when I look back at this, it’s really funny, cause I just left it there… In plain sight and well… It’s funny. At least, for me it’s funny.


Writing and visitors

(Originally written on 18. 8. 2014)


today my aunt Hana and my cousin’t daugter Eliška came to stay with us for a few days. They came around noon and then Eliška started to cuddle the cat. During that time, I tried to help solve a problem or two with my aunt’s tablet. Sadly, most of the stuff couldn’t be resolved, but at least, we managed to right the game that was displayed upside down. 

Me and Eliška also played some Magic the Gathering with the packs I have. I have several and we switched them around a lot, except the one main one, that is only mine and nobody’s else! I will never let anyone else handle that one, as I spent a lot of time putting it together, and even now, from time to time, I swap cards round in it.

Okay, then my aunt Majka came and the “adults” went into the forest. Me and Eliška stayed home and we played some computer games and also some more Magic. And then the others were back and we decided to grill something. Like cheese. And so we did. And it was deilicious!


Also, when the evening came, I decided it was time to start writing again. So first I wrote part of the DragonOrder chronicles, that will never be published anywhere and then I opened the file with the Eagle of Hogwarts and started writing. I don’t have any idea where I’m going with the story, but it will lead somewhere, for sure! 

Okay, that’s probably it.



A weekend with relatives

(Written on 29. 7. 2014)

It’s been a while since I’ve written anyhting here… Last weekend I was visiting my relatives in Sedlnice. We went by bus and arrived around lunch time. Of course the bus only goes to Nový Jičín so we had to take another bus to Borovec and the last part we went on foot. Mother recieved a call from one of her brothers on the way and she was chatting about a third of the way. Then we arrived and were greeted by the dog Fido. 

After that we went into the house and said “Hi” to my grandma. We chatted for a bit and then Eliška came together with a friend of hers – Natka. And of course, they wanted to play on my laptop. So I let them and was there with them and in the end we were taking turns playing Minecraft. We created an amazing underground house with a lot of stuff. It was a bit crazy but fun non the less. After that Natka went home and Eliška wanted to try Playing Mount and Blade and that’s where everything went to Hell. 

Well, not really the first day, that was kinda okay. 

So I taught her how to play it and was partly watching and partly going upstairs and checking what the rest of them were doing, which was playing cards. 

In the end Eliška went home (next door) too and I had my laptop just for myself. I was playing as well – Mount and Blade and while I was at it, I was listening to the fourth Mission Impossible movie – the Ghost Protocol. And I love that movie. Mainly because it has Jeremy Renner in it. 

And then I finally went to bed. 


The next day was not cool at all. I mean sure, I had the laptop for myself for about half an hour in the morninng before Eliška came, but then it went south. She basically kicked me out and was playing Mount and Blade almost the whole day. So I had like… nothing to do. Mainly because I didn’t know what to draw and the book I had with me was boring. I mean, yeah, it’s the last part of the Inheritance cycle, but still… It’s so boringly written… 

So I was on the balcony for a while just staring in the space and then I retreated to the room I slept in and just lay there on the bed and for several hours I did nothing but stare on the ceiling. 

It was only when evening came that I finally woke from my lethargy. And that’s because a gigantic storm came. I love storms and I just had to get a better look. I spent some time outside in the rain and then upstairs having fun because my grandmother is really afraid of thunderstorms. And without any actuall reason too! So… I mean, there’s nothing scarry about storms! It’s just Thor having a bad day!


As for the last day – monday, I woke early as well. So, in the morning I had the laptop for myself. Then, of course, Eliška kicked me out again so I had to go and find something else to do. I didn’t want to jsut stare at the ceiling again so I stole a pack of cards and made a card house. Well, card tower. 

At first, it was just the regular card house, but then it keeled over and I had to start again so I went with circular base and made my way up and ended up with a nice little tower. I just have to bring my camera next time I do something like that, because the only photo I have is taken with my crappy phone. 

Anyway, I’m adding it anyway. 


After the cardtower it was almost time to go so we went and packed our stuff and then my cousin Katka drove us to the bus station in Nový Jičín and there we waited for Student Agency bus to take us back to Brno. 

On the way I was listening to music and for the first time in a while, I took out my laptop and was reading stories. It was nice. 

And then we came to Brno and it was raining and I was really happy about that! Because I just love rain. It got pretty bad when we came. So bad I had to close the window. Not because it was cold, but because the rain was coming in and it soaked my stuff I had laying on the window sill. Not cool at all! But it’s dry now so it’s fine. Sure, some of it is a bit wrinkeled, but it’s okay, it survived! 


And what about you guys? Did you have a nice weekend? I hope you did. 

Oh, and if you did, tell me. Also, tell me if you like my card tower. And please excuse the poor quality of the photo. :)



“Day two”: A room with a view

(Written on 20. 6. 2014)


So, again, a post related to the writing 101 on 

This time the task is to write about a place you want to be in. 

So, where would I want to go? 

That’s easy. The worlds I dream about. The worlds that center around the organization of DragonOrder I made up and it’s home-world. The ShadowRealm. The city of CrowHaven and the NightmareCastle. But alas, as this place only exists in my imagination, I cannot go there physically. On the other hand, I can retreat there anytime I want whenever and wherever I’m. 

I would like to tell you more about the DO, but I will not. that thing is my and mine only. And noone will ever know what exactly it is. I will give you something though. The organization’s main goal is to unify the time flow of every world there is, which is an impossible task seeing as there are new worlds created every second and some of them dissapear. 

However, a world is anchored once a time anchor is established. The only exception is when an alternative to an already existing world appears. When that happens and the DO’s agents enter, the previous one will vanish. 


However, to tell you more about the DO’s headquarters. Well, not really the castle that is the HQ, but the world. There are dragons there. The most endangered species. The Silver-eyes-black-dragons. More comonly known as silver eyes. 

There are not many of them left. However, they call the Shadow Realm their home and will help to defend it if needed.


What more do you want to know? I want to be there. 

It is the place of my dreams and maybe, I will be there one day, in some different life. I would like that. 

What do you think? Will I ever get there? 

I hope I will…



20 minute challenge


I decided to do the writing 101 challenge on wordpress. The first thing is to write for 20 minutes straight. And not stop and just continue, which is exactly what I’m gonna do. The problem will be when I start making tyost and go… See? I just made a typo and it was in the word typo. And that’s the main problem. I write kinda fast and then I make mistakes and go back and delete and rewrite.

And that is the one thing I don’t want to do.

But sometimes, it just happens.

Today’s boring.

And I just want to look out of my window nad watch the clu… cloudy sky and the wind blowing in the tree I can see.

But that would be boring. It would be much ba… better to watch rain. But there is no rain and I want it.

Do you like rain? I love it. And when it’s raining, the possibib… possibility of me going out is much higher than when it is a sunny day.

And that just sucks.

Because then I would be going out just by mu- myself. And that is not fun.

I – I . I’m not much for going out, but when it rains, I really enjoy it.

And when it doesn’t, I prefer to be holed up in my room and do something or other.

Usually I just read stories on fanfiction and that is it. But sometimes, I write, draw or do some crafts. Lately, I also play Legend of Grimrock a lot and that is the best computer game I’ve played so far in my life. It is a dungeon crawler that is the “modern dungeon master”. Not that I played dungeon master. That one is not known to me. Well, I don knw- I do know it a bit, but I’ve never played it.

Also, Legend of Grimrock is better, because it has better graphics and dungeon master is really old. Though, for the time it was invented in, I guess it is kinda good… But I don’t like it. I prefer Grimrock.

Alsi- Also, I’ve read a story. It is called Teeth. You can find in- it on fi- fanfiction and it is under avengers and Harry Potter crossovers and it is great. But the one thing I cannot wrap my mind around is the fact that there i- is a gobnli- goblin and his name is Grimrock. And that is just! I don’t know… It seems wrong to name him after a game. Though I guess the author doesn’t know about the game. I wouldn’t know. I didn’t ask. But it would make sence.

Still, I just cannot wrap my mind around that little fact.

Other than that, the story is good.

By the way, do you like to listeh- listen to music when you write?

This old man I see almost every day just walked past my house again.

He looks weird. But I’m sure he’s perfectly normal old man.

But I wouldn’t know. I never talked to him.

Hey, the wind is picking up again! That’s good.

Hey… I need to stop using hey.

But I can’t stop. Not when I’m using it in this writing excersice. I need to go and look at the rest of them. And that is because i- this started on the second of june and now it is the 1- 20th of june and I’m behind. And I like writing challenges.

And this one sounds good. At least to me.

A a- caa- car went past my window. It was white. One of the cars I like is a mazda f3 in white. The one from … How is it called g- again? O h- Oh yeah! Inith- Inith- Initial D. And the car o- is from that.

My second favourite car would be the 1967 chevy impala from Supernatural and then the chefr- chevrolet cruz parked just around the corner from my house. That last one is my most favourite right now, but I doN¨t really know much about cars and that is why – What the hell I’m writing?

I don’t know… It is really hard to write in english weh- when you’re listening to czech songs. And I cannot even move the songs because that would be- mean stopping the writing and that is just a no-no.

So, the song is about the cinderella. The old czech one. The one in black and white. Not the disney one. I never a- saw that one. And I never will.. Disney old thing – things are just annoying. I do like some of the newer disney movies. Be it animated or live action. I got nothing against disney, just against the really old movies taht are- that are animated. And hey… A group of people visible from my vindow. One of them is en- doing something with t- a car and then the – there is a guy on a bycycle and he was going round and round. Waiting for a girl with a kid also on a bycycle.

And now there is a little girl or bof- boy? Hard to tell, too small a baby. Probably a boy. With parrents.

Adn – And a- I need to stop looking from my window or I will stop writign- writing. And I don’t want that.

Though, I’m running out of thing s- things to write.

Even though I -‘ —- I’m supposed to keep writing regardless. So, what do I wna- And I need to stop making these typos.

Good thing that I usually do go back a – and corrc- correct them. Or my posts would be a disaster. And it is not because my english is wobly. It is because I type sof a- so fast that the letters just go together wrong i- or in the wrong order. And that is just wrong.

So I guess I will slow down a bit. Because ti- it would be good to stop mai- making these typos.

I don’t like hem.

– them.


Did you ever want to fly? (E- Where did that come from?)

Nevermind. I did and still do. Using the wings of a dragon. But I’m not gonna tell you all about the bacground story for my nickname. That would be to confusing and I don’t want to tell anyone. Taht’- That’s just for me to know and nobody else

Maybe I tiw- It – it will come to be in the next life. I don¨t know but I would ki- like it.

Okay, let’s see if I can keep this typo free from now on. Only four mini- minutes left. And already I made a typo.

Whad – what designs do you prefer? Light colored or darker, ? Or colorfull? Or a specific color? I prefer dark ones because they are easier on eyes when working in the evening. And during the day? I o- don’t really care as long as it doesn’t blink too much. Too much blinking and glitter can be bad for one’s eyes.

And I would like to keke- keep my eyes intact.

So a shoutout to anyone who has blinking design, do something about it for the sake of the rest of us.

That is, if you want us to read it. If you don’t want us to read it, then make it even blinkier.

Does that word even make sence? I don’t thing so, but I guess you get the idea.

Two more minutes.

And the song is still the same… I hate th e- the song. And I wonder what will be the next one and if it will come before the time is up… I would like to write about it and I want to fit it in this post. But who knows if it will be possible… We will just have to wait and see. A-

And in the meantime keep writing.

Bu- Even though I really! don’t know what else to write.

Maybe that I woiuld really like it if it started to rain…

And the song is still pal- playing. Though… I guess it is comming to en – an end. Slowly, bus u- surely.

And it is only the last minute.

And the song will not be over d- till the time is up.

So wo- you will not know what the next one is. And I will not tell you.

And this said, I’m DONE.



The indisposed cat

A few days back, our cat hurt his leg. So, today (monday – 12. 5. 2014), my father took him to the vet to have him fixed. They were there for more than an hour as he had to have that leg operated on. In the end, they came home and Mikeš has the leg wrapped in this black bandage. And he doesn’t like it. He’s really annoying as he’s mewing while sitting in the middle of the room. Not really wanting anything, but just mewing!

And then he went out and is traipsing somwhere in our front garden.

Okay, so that said, let’s hope he will get better. I mean, during the weekend he was walking only on three legs. But now, he’s starting to use his fourth one again as well. Not much, but at least, he’s not just holding it in the air anymore.

And here I’ve got a little photo of him with his patched up leg.

 DSC00098 DSC00099

Okay, this is it. He’s sitting in front of the door, obviously wanting to go out.

~See ya!


Rainy photos

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved rain. And today, after some time, it finally rains! So I decided to snap a few pictures. I admit, there are only three, but I think they are good. And to be honest, here where I live, there isn’t much to snap photos of. I will probably have to start taking my camera with me wherever I go and snap everything good I see. Might be a good idea, don’t you think?

Well, it doesn’t really matter right now. So, without further ado, here are the photos. Also, for bigger version, click on the pictures.

DSC00046 DSC00047 DSC00048

Didn’t plan this…


I just met an interesting guy via Hi5 webpage. We exchanged skype and photos. And I actually snapped a new one of me. And then I got an idea. I will post the photo here. I’m not saying I’m that pretty looking, quite the oposite, but hey, One photo cannot hurt.

I promise that if you don’t like it, I won’t post any more of them, deal? Okay, here it is. Oh, and ignore the mess on the couch. I’ve got yarn there and all kinds of threads.