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This week was a great update for Star Stable. They added Spirit to the game. The Wild horse from the old Disney movie that a lot of us saw and loved. Dream works made a TV series on Netflix featuring Spirit’s son as the main horse. Can’t talk about the show, didn’t see it, but I can tell you with certainty that the Spirit in the game is great. And the biggest thing is that if you do all his quests, you will be able to buy him and he will be already level 15.

I myself am already almost there. With a bit of luck, I’ll be able to buy him by the end of the weekend. Can’t wait. Sure, you can’t put tack on him because he’s wild, but still, a level 15 horse for only a bit of hard work and 699 or so Star Coins? Who wouldn’t want him? I would.  And I’m seriously looking forward to it.

So I guess this is just a quick update as to what’s going on with me. This weekend I’m at my relatives place since my grandmother is celebrating her birthday. We had rice and meat for lunch and then more people came. My cousin’s son Mates wanted Minecraft and I tried to install it for him, but it wouldn’t work so we gave up. Right now, he’s looking at videos on youtube and playing around with Steam while I’m playing Star Stable Online and trying my damn best to get Spirit.

See ya!


When the death strikes


my grandmother died today. She had cancer and was in a bad shape for several months now. And today was just the day when she died. I last saw her on Saturday. So only like two days ago, so that’s good, that she saw me and I her before it happened. The suprising think is, I’m not really feeling anything… Sadness, or anything. I just feel normal… Does that mean that I’m cold blodded  and uncaring, or does that mean that my relationship with her was not as good as I thought? To be honest, I think that it’s the first option…


Frankly, I alway was kinda detatched… From reality I mean. Whenever something happened in the real life, I didn’t even so much as flinch, however, if my favourite character in a book, game, movie died, I’d cry… Is it wrong? Probably… But there is nothing I can do about it. I just don’t know how to be a loving caring person…


Well… At least the death was quick and peaceful. At least, that’s what my mom said. From what she told me, she was there. Even though I’m not sure she was there for the exact moment. I myslef wouldn’t have been able to be there as I was in school working my brain with math and programing… Oh well… You know how it goes. Remember the good about the dead and let the life go on…

See ya.