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Writing 101 – Loss

(Written on 18. 9. 2014 for dailypost’s writing 101)

So… What did I lose that would be ideal to write about? I could write about the time I lost my best friend, I could write about when my dog died of old age or I could write about the cats that never came back… Yes, I could, but that is not what I’m gonna be writing about. What I’m gonna tell you is actaully kinda funny. Well, funny… Depends on your definition of funny… I mean, it wasn’t funny when it happened, but hey, now when I look back, it totally is!

So, it was sometime when I was in my last or one but last year of grade school or something. We had PE and I was in the changing room. I put my sweatshirt on a hanger and went to class. After PE, I came, changed out of my PE clothes and left with my bag and PE stuff. Well, let’s just say… I never did také the sweatshirt from the hanger and only when I came back home did I realize that I left it there. Back then, I was worried what my mum would say if she knew so I never told her, but right now, when I look back at this, it’s really funny, cause I just left it there… In plain sight and well… It’s funny. At least, for me it’s funny.


Chemistry Chemistry

beakers1In response to the daily prompt challenge on wordpress.

A few years ago, I saw a musical based on The Prince of Tennis anime. Well, actually, it is a series of musicals, but only the first three or so have english subs. So I only watched the Dream Lives that don’t really need the subs. The thing is, the first one had subs.

Also, there was this moment, they show embarassing pictures of the tennis club members. Well, Inui does and then they show Inui’s. And he’s makin an Inui Juice. And it overflowes. And then there’s Kikumaru Eiji. And he says: “Chemistry, Chemistry.”

That itself isn’t that funny, but in the context, it is. And sometimes, I just remember it and I just have to laugh. Not many poeple would understannd this. Not even after watching the musical, which would require to watch the anime first, or at least read about it, but that doesn’t matter.

It cheers me up and that is what matters, don’t you agree?

See ya!


Hi, yesterday (13. 4. 2014) I went to the cinema with my mother and grandfather to watch the Noah movie. And I have to say it was great! However, I will leave the evaluation of the movie itself to a post of its own. This post is more about the whole experience.

So, like every Sunday, my grandpa came to our house for lunch, several days before, I made us a reservation in the cinema, so that we can have good seats. And so some time after the lunch, we wnet.

And this is where the fun starts. You see, whenever grandpa is with us, we end up arguing about all the unimportant stuff. So, this time, it was how to get to the cinema. Mom and grandpa had these weird ideas but I shot those down and told them we were taking a tram. Yeah, I admit it is a bit of a walk to get to it, but it was a nice day. Not too hot and not too cold, so there.

When we got off, it was another debate, wether to take another tram and go one stop or if we are to go on foot. I was all for going on foot, but grandpa just ahd to go by tram and unfortunatelly, mom agreed with him. At least hte tram was already there so we didn’t have to wait. I’d say that’s a good thing.


And then, we went to the “Velký špalíček”, which is where the cinema is. (Kudos to those who can guess which city I’m from!) and we got the tickets. Also we got the Cinema City Club card! I just love all the cards! And I just had to have it. I mean, it is convenient, because, with it, all the tickets are cheaper and with the points, you can get free tickets too!

And then, we got something to drink because I just cannot survive a movie without drinking!

Also, after a long time, We got popcorn to go with the movie. Usually, I don’t buy it, but this time, I was feeling like munching on something while watching. Unfortunatelly, we were there early and I ate the popcorn before the movie even started… But it was still a fun thing.

The movie was good! I mean, all the good actors, one of them being Hermione, and while I don’t remember the names of the others, I know they are very well known. I think one of them was Anthony Hopkins. But I just don’t remember the names of the actors. I mean, I can tell you almost all the main actors from Lord of the Rings, but this? No, I don’t remember. But I did enjoy the movie!

*And a bird just flew past my window*

Okay, and now I’m seriously distracted! Not by the bird, but by thinking about writing my stories! And I honestly don’t know what to write more to this. So bye.

See ya.