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Simply the best

I just couldn’t resist today’s Daily Prompt.

For starters, I know nothing about the voyager. I didn’t even know that NASA was building one. But that’s beside the point. As for what I think should be onboard, let’s say… Some cybermonkeys, highly inteligent pigs, white ferrets and an elephant. Why? No idea. Probably because it sounds good.


Where this idea came from, I have no clue. I just wanted to turn this into something cracky. I think I’m doing a good job. Whatever. Now, lets see. The elephant would be the captain on the ship. The ferrets would be taking care of maintnance of the ship. The cybermonkeys would obviously pilot it and take care of everything that comes with it. And the pigs would be in charge of meals and cleaning. Oh, and one of the pigs would be named TonTon.


Heh, I’m getting of topic. Whatever.

Just don’t take this seriously. I just wanted to write something that would make no sense. Thanks for reading.

See ya.