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So, I decided to discard the idea to write about ABEL: It Can’t Be You and move directly to the post about the Noah movie I was talking about earlier.


So, where to start, where to start… I should probably mention that I saw it in 3D and that makes even a bad movie seem okay. Anyway, so I saw the movie. The idea is directly taken from the Bible, obviously, since it is the big flood or whatever it is called in english… The movie starts with talk about Adam and Eve and their line. And how it is split into two lines. From one, Noah is, the other one is the line of Kain. By the way, why is it always the guys with cool names that are the bastards?

Okay, nevermind that. Moving on.

So, Noah has been told by god. He was told that all the evil will be flushed out by the flood. And he is to save the inocents. The animals. And he starts building the Arch with his family. Which includes a girl they found – Hermione… Ehm… Pardon – Illa (Is it two L?).

Noah Movie

I really don’t want to reveal too much, but I’m suspecting that you know the story from the Bible anyway. So, they build the arch, then tehy fight off the other humans on the planet, because, obviously, they want to be saved.

Ah, and Noah is such a badass. At first, he believes that his family is to die out after they save the animals, but the twin daughters of Illa and Chem (Shem?)? *doesn’t know the english spelling for his name* change that. They make him see that not all humanity is bad.


And in the end, they land and start making their home there.

And then, there is this moment! A moment where you just want to sing a song from this french/czech movie La Creation du Monde. That was the french name, in czech it is Stvoření světa, in english it should be The Creation of the World. However, I have no idea wether the song is in the original version, or if it was for example translated in english. I only have the knowledge of the song in czech. And it’s great. And this song… There was this moment in the movie, almost at the end, when Noah tells them to repopulate the world. In czech, it’s almost the words from the song, no Idea what he says in english. So, I imagined the song. Sure, it’s in czech and majority of you won’t understand, but I will still link it.

And the conclusion? Go watch the movie. It’s good. And it has good actors. Apart from Hermione, because that is waht Emma Watson will always be to us, Harry Potter fans, there is Anthony Hopkins and other well known actors. Though I will have to check who plays the sons. I have no idea and I wanted to find out yesterday!

See ya.


Hi, yesterday (13. 4. 2014) I went to the cinema with my mother and grandfather to watch the Noah movie. And I have to say it was great! However, I will leave the evaluation of the movie itself to a post of its own. This post is more about the whole experience.

So, like every Sunday, my grandpa came to our house for lunch, several days before, I made us a reservation in the cinema, so that we can have good seats. And so some time after the lunch, we wnet.

And this is where the fun starts. You see, whenever grandpa is with us, we end up arguing about all the unimportant stuff. So, this time, it was how to get to the cinema. Mom and grandpa had these weird ideas but I shot those down and told them we were taking a tram. Yeah, I admit it is a bit of a walk to get to it, but it was a nice day. Not too hot and not too cold, so there.

When we got off, it was another debate, wether to take another tram and go one stop or if we are to go on foot. I was all for going on foot, but grandpa just ahd to go by tram and unfortunatelly, mom agreed with him. At least hte tram was already there so we didn’t have to wait. I’d say that’s a good thing.


And then, we went to the “Velký špalíček”, which is where the cinema is. (Kudos to those who can guess which city I’m from!) and we got the tickets. Also we got the Cinema City Club card! I just love all the cards! And I just had to have it. I mean, it is convenient, because, with it, all the tickets are cheaper and with the points, you can get free tickets too!

And then, we got something to drink because I just cannot survive a movie without drinking!

Also, after a long time, We got popcorn to go with the movie. Usually, I don’t buy it, but this time, I was feeling like munching on something while watching. Unfortunatelly, we were there early and I ate the popcorn before the movie even started… But it was still a fun thing.

The movie was good! I mean, all the good actors, one of them being Hermione, and while I don’t remember the names of the others, I know they are very well known. I think one of them was Anthony Hopkins. But I just don’t remember the names of the actors. I mean, I can tell you almost all the main actors from Lord of the Rings, but this? No, I don’t remember. But I did enjoy the movie!

*And a bird just flew past my window*

Okay, and now I’m seriously distracted! Not by the bird, but by thinking about writing my stories! And I honestly don’t know what to write more to this. So bye.

See ya.