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Maze Runner

(Written on 27. 9. 2014)

111I love Marvel, I love Marvel Cinematic universe, but I also love fantasy and dystopian movies. And this time, I was in luck. Yesterday, I went to the cinema with my mother to see the Maze Runner movie. And it was awesome! A band of boys and one girl trapped in this gigantic maze swarming with “greavers”. Amazing. And with no idea why they’re there and no idea how to get out. That is, until the newbie boy manages to kill one of the greavers and they find they are at least part machines and tak√© one of the parts with them.

The boy (Thomas) then goes exploring again, with another guy – Minho and they find a section of the maze, they haven’t found before. And they start thinking that there might be a way out after all.

But one of the other guys doesn’t want to get out of there, he says that this is their home now. Well, let’s just say, that their area suddenly openes all of the gates and the greavers start pouring in. After that, the group splits in two, one part stays and the other one, they decide to try and find a way out. They manage, but loose a few of their own. After that, some questions are answered, but many more arise and the kids are herded into a chopper and fly somwhere who knows where, which will probably be in the next movie.

And I can’t wait for it.

My mother doesn’t agree with all the unanswered questions, but I think it makes it interesting. Like, a lot of speculations between the people who didn’t read the books and probably even between the ones who read them. I myself am actually thinking about reading the second book, because, hey! I want to know what happenes next! The movie was amazing! And it also has huge potential for fanfiction. Well, so far there are only a few right now, but I’m hoping there will be more with time.

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Well, that’s probably it for now.

See ya next time.