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Several years ago I bought a game called Elder Scroll Series IV – Oblivion. You’re probably wondering what that has to do with Skyrim. Well, everything. As it was shortly after that that I got me Skyrim. Simply because I really enjoyed Oblivion and Skyrim was a sort of sequel to it. To be honest, when I first installed Skyrim, I decided that I absolutely hate it. And so it was left in a drawer for years. Then, I gave the original copy to my cousin’s son for when he got a good enough pc to play it on. But then I got into nightcore, which has, at first glance, even less to do with Skyrim than Oblivion. But, there was this nightcored song… The Dragonborn Comes. And I figured that it was from Skyrim. Which got me thinking…. That maybe it was time to give Skyrim another go. So I installed it through steam and started playing.

At first, I got frustrated because it didn’t support my gamepad. But then I decided that screw it, if I could successfully play Oblivion with mouse and keyboard as well as most of Assassin’s Creed games, then I will be just fine playing Skyrim with mouse and keyboard. Though the first thing I did was to play with the keyboard mapping. Made it a bit closer to Oblivion – aka jump with E and action with spacebar. Admittedly, it is still slightly confusing, as the game shows me the original key mapping when it gives hints, but hey, I can manage! I did with Resident Evil 4 and there the key mapping is really ridiculous…

So far, I’m not that far into the game, only just past High Hrotgar, but I’m enjoying it immensely. Though, there is one thing I really don’t like! And that is that you can’t equip spell alongside your bow! At least, I haven’t figured that out yet! In Oblivion, you could equip whatever weapon you wanted to and still cast! That is something I miss here in Skyrim. But I guess we can’t have it all…

Also, someone tell me how to disable the cinematic finishing blows in fight… Those are really annoying and interrupt the gameplay as well as disorient you as to where the next enemy is coming from…

Oh, and the NPC names are crazy! I know it is trying to imitate the nordic tribes and so on and so forth, but come on! I’ve met a lot of characters a lot of times by now and the only names I remember are Ilireth (or something like that) and Alvar. At least Oblivion had normal names… Or maybe it is because I’ve simply been playing Oblivion longer. That’s probably it.

A question for those who also play Skyrim. Do you play with subs on? I mean, I can understand the characters just fine, but usually, I finish reading what they have to say before they finish saying it. Do any of you have the same problem? And is it even a problem? Well, it is in the situation where you can not just skip the speech.

Anyway! I enjoy Skyrim and I hope that by the time I finish the quests I will be able to remember at least some of the names.

And my favorite NPC’s are from Oblivion. Too bad two out of three bit the dust…

Before I finish this post, one more thing. DLC for Skyrim. Is it worth it? I would like this answered by someone who actually played the DLC. Not by someone who just read about it or something. Thanks!


Assassin’s Creed

(Written on the 22nd of January, 2015)


I found something. And that something was my old copy of the Assassin’s Creed II game. So, I made it to work, which took a while, but now it’s working. And I have to say that thanks to ACII I stopped playing Grimrock. :D Oh well. Guess it would have happened at some point anyway. But, ACII is like the best out of all the AC games I played. Yes, I have yet to play Unity and I will not play IV, because the naval combat and the ships don’t really interest me, but hey, ACII is the best. With Brotherhood being a close second.
The reason I dislike AC Revelations is because it’s too sad. And those of you who don’t think the moment in Altair’s library wasn’t sad, are good-for-nothing brutes. The only excuse is if you haven’t played it and therefore don’t know what I’m talking about.
The only moment that might actually be able to rival this scene, is when Desmond dies, but as I stopped playing before that happened, I can’t really tell. And I’m not planning on finishing ACIII anyway. It’s just not the same when Altair and Ezio are no longer main characters. I mean, after Revelations, it’s like those two no longer exist… And that’s why I went back to playing as Ezio in ACII.
I’d go for ACI, as that has Altair and I love the combat there, because counterkill works everytime, so long as you time it right.
But my copy of ACI is in czech and somehow, I don’t think it’s the best language for these games.
Which brings me to a question. Why the hell did I install ACI in czech in the first place?!
Well, at least my cousin’s son Mates is happy about it. Heh, but he won’t like me when he comes this saturday, as I uninstalled Batman Arkham city.
Oh well. Not my fault. He can go and play something else. It’s not like I have a shortage of games.
Seeing as I even managed to get my Oblivion copy to work. And it still has my saved games, mainly Sepulchure. Which is the only one of the saves on which the game is actually finished.

By the way, those of you who know Oblivion, did any of you play as vampires? Is it possible or will the sun always kill you? I’m thinking of trying it ans saving it on a separate slot, so as not to get it mixed with the finished save. So, do you think that it’s worth it to become a vampire?
And if I wear a black brotherhood robe, will that work as a defense in regards to the sun?
Even though I have to admit that I hate playing with a helm of any kind on.
I prefer it when the hair is visible.

And now, I believe we are way of topic. Because this started as a post about AC and not Oblivion…
Oh, and Skyrim lovers out there, was it good? Should I consider installing it back?
And now we’re even more of topic…

Anyway! I think I’m gonna go back to playing AC or soemthing. I mean, I have that black armor of Altair and relatively early in the game. So now I can focus on all the side quests and raising Monteriggioni’s value. It’s gonna be fun.