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Magic: The Gathering

Hey, do you know Magic? No? Well… Your loss. It’s one of the best trading card games I know. And the first one I knew. I mean, there are duel monsters and otehr TCG, but Magic… I don’t know… I like it. And now, the impornant part – I got the computer version of the game. I started playing it yesterday, I think. It’s good. Only problem, it doesn’t have all the cards and that sucks! And I haven’t found a way to make a deck that would be green/black, which is what I play with in real life.


Yes, it may just not yet be unlocked, since there is a black/white combination, but still, I wonder… Guess I’ll just have to see. But not today. Today I’ve already played a lot. And got stuck on this guy that has these white cards that just summon all these tokens and it’s a hell… They’re unstoppable! But I’ll find a way! Just not today.

See ya.

Happy Birthday to me!

Hey, it’s my birthday today! As of today, I’m 21 years old. Go me! xD Okay, so… It’s not like I celebrated today… The handbag, that I posted pictures of, that was for my birthday. I also got two boosterpacks of magic playing cards. And that’s about it. Or, not, cause I got some money from my granny. :) However, the best part is a promise, that for christmas, I will get a fairly good digital camera. :)


What’s in that for you? Well… You’ll get art videos! Art videos with audio! As I can film videos even now, but they would be silent. And I don’t want that. So look forward to it and I’m outa here!

See ya.