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Rose Knight

Just wanted to reflect on my playing strategy for theĀ League of AngelsĀ MMORPG. You see, I’m level 60, but I’m still using one of the weakest heroes. I’m still using Rose Knight. I just can’t let him go. He was my favourite right from the start. And while I understand I could just keep him, but not have him active in my party, I just can’t do that.


So I’m weakening myself on purpose. Is it bad? If I were a serious gamer, it might be, but I’m all about the cool stuff and it doesn’t matter if it’s weak. I mean, if it’s weak, I’ll just enhance it till it’s strong. Because, I’m not letting him go!

There is no longer a way for me to get blue hero souls so I wouldn’t be able to re-recruit him if I fired him. And I’m definitely not doing that.

Yes, he’s weak compared to some of the heroes I can recruit now, but he’s still the coolest of them all! The best looking one! Yes, it’s the stupidest reason you can get, but it’s the truth! I’m keeping him, cause he’s cool looking!

Think me crazy, I don’t care. I’m still not getting rid of him.