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The indisposed cat

A few days back, our cat hurt his leg. So, today (monday – 12. 5. 2014), my father took him to the vet to have him fixed. They were there for more than an hour as he had to have that leg operated on. In the end, they came home and MikeŇ° has the leg wrapped in this black bandage. And he doesn’t like it. He’s really annoying as he’s mewing while sitting in the middle of the room. Not really wanting anything, but just mewing!

And then he went out and is traipsing somwhere in our front garden.

Okay, so that said, let’s hope he will get better. I mean, during the weekend he was walking only on three legs. But now, he’s starting to use his fourth one again as well. Not much, but at least, he’s not just holding it in the air anymore.

And here I’ve got a little photo of him with his patched up leg.

 DSC00098 DSC00099

Okay, this is it. He’s sitting in front of the door, obviously wanting to go out.

~See ya!