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Magic: The Gathering

Hey, do you know Magic? No? Well… Your loss. It’s one of the best trading card games I know. And the first one I knew. I mean, there are duel monsters and otehr TCG, but Magic… I don’t know… I like it. And now, the impornant part – I got the computer version of the game. I started playing it yesterday, I think. It’s good. Only problem, it doesn’t have all the cards and that sucks! And I haven’t found a way to make a deck that would be green/black, which is what I play with in real life.


Yes, it may just not yet be unlocked, since there is a black/white combination, but still, I wonder… Guess I’ll just have to see. But not today. Today I’ve already played a lot. And got stuck on this guy that has these white cards that just summon all these tokens and it’s a hell… They’re unstoppable! But I’ll find a way! Just not today.

See ya.


Rise of Mythos

About two months ago, I found an interesting game. An online fighting card game. Basically, you have cards that represent monsters and spells. These can be summoned to the battle field. When summond, they battle against their oponents. The game is kinda in a campaign mode, but it has multiplayer as well. And boss challenges. Another thing is, that you have something akin to a town, your town, or city. There you can build and upgrade  some structires. The most important I’d say are the Alchemy lab and the City hall, which is your main sourse of income. The Alchemy lab allows you to combine, fuse and extract cards in order to get new cards.


The game is good, focuses on tactics. As sometimes, you just won’t win a battle with automatic fighting on. The auto fight is great for lower level battles and some boss fights. Definitely not for the ascenssion tower or high level combat. Though some of the higher level battles are better fought with the auto on. Not all of them though.


The game is good and if you have too much free time, try it. You can find it here. Or here. I play on both. Started on the second though. Right now, I’m level fourty-something. And trying to get to level 45 as soon as possible. Why? Well… Because, in the campaign, the next section is locked until I’m level 45. In the meantime, I’m mainly collecting the daily log-in bonus.


Hey, and if you play the game, tell me what you think. :)

See ya.

Morons in my class

Today, in one of my university classes, I was sitting next to this guy. He had a laptop and he was very distracting. And I don’t mean him personaly. It’s more what he was doing on that laptop. Don’t wory, it wasn’t porn or anything… He was just playing video games. That would have been fine, if! If that moron wasn’t playing some of my favourite games… One was Mount&Blade. The second was the new Devil May Cry game – DMC Devil May Cry.


And like I said. It was very distracting! I kept glancing at his screen and I was imagining the way I would play it. And what I would do different… And I kept comparing his version of Mount&Blade with mine. It was different. And I’m not sure which I like better… And his was in english. I have mine in czech. Maybe one day, I get myself the expansions, because I’m sure that is what he had.

As for the DMC, let’s say… I think I can do better than him. He was slow. Some of the moves, I don’t know. Either he was playing it for the first time, or he’s like really lame! By no means do I consider myself an expert, but I’m pretty good at it. Not the best, far from that, but I’d like to think I’m at least a little bit above average.

See ya.


Or maybe I should say The Elder Scrol IV as that would be the name. A game, I recently reinstalled and started playing again, even though I allready finished about two years back. Or more. I don’t remember. The game is good though. It’s an RPG set in a fantasy world. And that’s the kind of games I like. The basic story is that you have to find a way to defeat a boss, that’s in a different plain of existence. Secondary goal is to protect the heir to the throne. There are also a lot of side quests and when done correctly, they give quite a lot of stuff. I’d go into the details, but where would the fun be in that?


I will tell you two things though. One, if you’re infected with vampirism, go and pray in church. Unless you want to become a vampire yourself. I did once and it’s a pain! Because you cannot exist in the sunlight and timing of the traveling is not possible. And there aren’t always houses nearby that you can hide in.

Two. Don’t start magic guild unles you completed the brotherhood and the thiev’s guild. Or the magic guild will kick you out and I haven’t been able to reenter it, cause the quest to do so is a pain… So this way, you will save yourself some trouble.


And that’s about it. If you played the game, I’d be interested to read about your experience. If you didn’t, I’d like to know, what you think from reading this. I know it isn’t much, but I’m no good in describing games. At least not without giving up the whole plot line… And I don’t want to do that.

Also, if you can find a way to move the mouse cursor faster, let me know! I’ve been trying to find a way, but it appears there isn’t one.

See ya.

Legend of Grimrock

By a chance I stumbled upon a great game. It was an add on a page I was reading. And so I clicked on it and read the description of the game. Of course, since if was interesting, I went and downloaded the game. It’s called Legend of Grimrock and it is dungeon based. You create a party of four (or you can play with the default party) and then you play.

The story begins with the party being thrown into a prison of sorts called Grimrock. And from there it’s up to you to find your way down to the lowest level. If you manage, you will be free, or something. I am definitely not there yet. To be honest, I just finished the fird level. Counting from top of course. And I have to admit, that the game is pretty scary! It’s dark and you have to watch your torches, because if they go out and there are non in the immedeate vicinity, you’re doomed. Because it would be pitch black.


Throughout the game you collect equipment and weapons. And supplies, as you just can’t have your heroes hungry. That wouldn’t do. I’d be careful with those though, because the lower you go, the harder it is to find any. And since I’m only at the begining of level four, that has to count for something, right? The most will be in level one, so collect it all. Or the heroes will starve.

The game as a whole is pretty dark and while I normaly don’t play games like this one, because they are too scary, I enjoy this one, even though I’m always on edge when playing. I always wonder what monster will be around the next corner, and so on. So far, the worst to deal with was the group of skeletal warriors that fought as a group. Pretty damn hard to get rid of. And then there are the spiders! And they are poisonous! They killed my minotaur! Good thing that those gigantic blue crystals will revive a party member, right?


Oh, and can somebody walk me through making potions? I just don’t understand how to do it! Thank you.

But all in all, the game is great and I’m glad I found it. I was also trying to instal some similar games but windows 8 simply didn’t agree with it, so I only have this one. If you know about similar games that will work on windows 8, please let me know, thanks. :)

See ya.

Why you shouldn’t play ongoing games

The answer is simple. They will consume a lot of your time. And even though you’re right now saying to yourself that it’s only a tem minutes a day thing, trust me, it will become an hour at least within just a few weeks. I know what I’m talking about. I was like that. And even now, I’m still playing these types of games.


I was much much worse though. I played for hours a day. Now I realy play just for about ten minutes a day and that’s several games that I deal within those ten minutes. And I mean ten minutes of pure playing. Not having the game opened in a second tab in my browser in order to be “online” to get my online reward.


So when you’re about to start to play one of these games, try to think first. Think if the game is realy worth it or if it is just you not having any other hobbies. Of course, sometimes the game can be a great way to relax. Expecially if it is a game in which you can kill something. I play a game like that when I’m angry. And it helps.


It’s just games are time consuming. And then you realize that there are a lot of things you wanted to do and didn’t have the time. Because you were playing games. And that’s why games are such a danger. Yes, they can be a source of a great pleasure and bonding time if you play multiplayer but your day should be more than that.

See ya.