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A bit of a change

I decided that a bit of a design change was needed. Hope you like this one I picked. I had a hard time choosing, but this one looked best. I admit I didn’t browse all of them, but hey. I like this one.

Hopefully, there will be an actuall post soon. But I just had to write this.

And my fingers are freezing. And I’m having a hard time actually writing. Well, writing without missing letters and misspelling words. Oh well…

I guess we all have bad days.

See ya.

Blogging anyone?

I was about to write a post about all the blogs out there that have different tips for bloggers, but then I realized that it doesn’t matter. In the end, it’s not the tips from different sites but you and your ideas that make your blog.

No amount of tips will help you to be the best. And while these tips can help you move forward a bit, they will not help you write the actuall posts. It’s more like help with designs and setting things up and general to do and not to do.

So, what is really important when you’re blogging is to have a layout that will be easy to read on and menu where your readers can easilly orient themselves. Too much things or too little things will probably make them leave.

blogAnd the next important thing is to write original content. Nobody is interested in copied pictures or posts. If you have a unique oppinion on something, share it, if you’re good at drawing, share it, if you write stories, share it!

It’s original content that’s interesting and if you think you can write your own instead of copying, well, good for you and good for us, because we will have something interesting to read (or watch).


I do realize that this post is probably kinda useless, but I just had to write it. In the past, I wrote many many posts that were dealing with copying and blog designs and all the thing that were bugging me when I was browsing blogs, and this one is kinda a part of it. Nor really, but kinda…

In the past, the things that I disliked most and mostly still do, were designs with too much blinking and animations or too bright designs. Also, I’m not a fan of too narrow page where you cannot fit much on a line. The next thing I really don’t like is too much pink, but hey, that’s just personal preference so as long as I can read the text, I don’t go yapping about it.


And what about you? What do you hate when reading blogs? What on the other hand doesn’t bug you too much?

I would be very much interested in your oppinions on this topic so please share your thoughts in the comments.