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It’s about half a week back when I went to see the movie Pompeii. I saw the trailer before and had high expectations. And I was not dissapointed. The movie is very good and definitely worth watching. About a young celtic “slave” (gladiator) that is moved from the city Londinium into Pompeii. There he meets the love of his life – Cassia. And another gladiator who he becomes friends with – Atticus.

However, life is not happy and there is this mean and nasty politician from Rome. And he has his eyes on Cassia. And wants the “slave” dead. So, games in the arena. Okay, that would have been okay. The celtic gladiator is strong enough to win. However, the mountain has other ideas and starts spouting fire. So, everyone panics and starts running. And… “Surprisingly” everyone is fried.

Yes, the plotline is a bit more complicated than that, but I don’t want to reveal too much in case you want to see it for yourselves. So there.


The movie was really good and I definitelly recommend it. For some reason it was like I was watching something from the fantasy genre. Even though this is more of a catastrophic movie than anything else. The actors did a good job and while I don’t know any of them, it doesn’t matter.

However, my slash-y side decided I don’t like Cassia. I was hoping that at least the celtic guy would save himself. But no, he has to be the gentleman and stay with the lady! God, I don’t like her! If she were a guy, then… But that is not happening. But that’s just me. I simply don’t like female protagonists. Antagonists, yes, I can bitch about those without being lynched, but female protagonists… No. Not my cup of tea. At least the main guy was pretty.

Go watch it.

See ya.