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BloodMoon online

(Written on 11. 9. 2014)

Two or three days ago I found anĀ interesting online game. It’s with werevolfs, vampires and hunters. At first, I thought it would be boring and a bit too much of a reminder that I hate Twilight, but hey, it turned to be a good one. First, you pick your race. I play on two servers and on one I’m a hunter and on the other I’m a vampire. Then you pick a name and a portrait. Oh, and I think that the hunters have better portraits. At least, the females do. I didn’t check the male portraits much, so I cannot speak for those.

Then, they walk you through it. There are quests, fights against other players and so called boss fights that are accessible through the world map. You also have a sanctuary, where you can improve it’s appearance and it looks good!

Next thing is the graphics. I mean, not much when it comes to the game, but when it comes to the interface when you’re questing, amazing pictures to look at! I even started to draw them. Well, not all of them, but the ones I really like, like… Creepy house, ruined castle, abandoned graveyard, some werid dock or something…

Love it!

Then there are shops for potions and for weapons and gear. But you can usually find the gear by questing. The potions, however, are quite interesting and I use them often, well, as often as I can, because I don’t like buying the ones costing “hematit”, which is currency bought with real money (or sometimes found through questing).

Last interesting thing are the “guilds”. I’m pretty sure they are not actually called guilds in the original english version, but I’m too lazy to go check it out. So let’s call it a guild.

The guild has three buildings and each one gives one bonus. One gives health bonus, other expi bonus and the last one gives gold bonus. All depending on the building level, of course.

This game may sound boring to you, but I love it very much, mainly because of the pictures during the quest interface. I was literaly blown away by them! And when I force myself to actually film my next sketchbook, I might point out the ones that are from the game.

Okay, I hope I didn’t forget anything, but seriously, I love it, so if you’re bored or have some free time on your hands, or if you simply like playing online games, go check it out!