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The Sandlot

0108037An older movie, I believe the year it was made in is 1993 or something? Correct me if I’m wrong. Well, the year doesn’t matter that much.

So, this movie is about a boy who moves into a new neighbourhood and meets a boy named Benny. Benny Rodriguez. This kid together with a group of others plays baseball almost everyday on this bit of land called The Sandlot. The new kid – Scotty Smalls – sees them and in the end becomes one of them. And if left at this, it would be boring as hell, but that’s not the case, because there is the “Monster”. A monster behind a fence. And when the boys lose a ball that was signed by a famous baseball player and it falls victim to the monster, they try everything they can to save it. The only thing they don’t try is knocking on Mr. Mertle’s door.

In the end, Benny jumpes over the fence and gets the ball. Only, the “Monster” starts chasing him so he runs around the neighbourhood and leads it back to the fence, which falls over the “monster”. Smalls then pleades with the boys to help him lift the fence because the “Monster” which is actually a big dog, is crushed under it and it’s hurting him.

And then, there’s a happy ending and the dog kinda becomes the official mascot of the kids.


Yes, the plot is simple and the movie is kinda old, but it is nicely done and I will probably watch it again. I watched the second movie in the series before this first one and it was good, but the first one is better.

There is also a third movie, but I stopped watching after about fifteen minutes into the movie. It cannot meassure up to the first two! No way! And the first is still the best. So, if you want a relaxing movie that still has an interesting plot, go watch The Sandlot. :)

See ya.