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Kenshin Himura

This picture is just a mere sketch done in light blue pen, but I kinda like it. It was drawn without knowing what it is, but when I realized, I decided not to scratch it, and kept it. And now I’m posting it here.


It has been a while since I watched the anime, but I have to say I enjoyed it. Like, I’m not really into historical anime, but this one was good. So… I watched.

Also, I hope you like the picture at least a little bit. And it would be nice if you left a coment. :)

See ya.


Digital Chikorita

I believe I promised you a digital picture. Well, here it is. It’s Chikorita from Pokemon. Originaly, it was a much bigger picture, but I cut off the edges as it was kinda empty. And I think that it lookes much better this way. It was done in Photoshop CS 3 and I admit to using a refference. As I don’t really remember the anatomy of pokemon.


It is one of my better digital works. I have a few more, some of them good, some of them bad. And I think I’ll have to do more of ’em. I just can’t seem to find the right motivation… So if you want to push me into it, feel free to do so. :)

See ya.

Ash from Pokemon

This was originaly done as a request for a girl whose nick is Amely. The request was on my czech page. I decided to use crayons to do this as it is quite a simple picture. Though now, that I’m looking at it, I should have probably done the lineart thicker. Oh well… Too little too late. Never mind, it still looks good. At least I think it does. And it would be nice to know what you’re thinking. :) Oh, and next time I give you a picture, it will be a digitally done one. xD Ash 1


See ya.

Leon from Kaleido Star

This picture is a bit older, but I really like how it turned out. Originally it was only black and white pencils sketch. And I still have that one too, only not scanned in my laptop. I copied the original sketch and then I used my colored pencils to try and make something out of it. And I think I did a good job. It might not be perfect, definitely not perfect, but it’s good. I like his nose. And I’m not sure how I did that so it looks good… Also the eyebrows, I seem to have a problem with drawing those, but this time, they turned out good.

Overall, I’m happy with this picture. Oh, and to add more about the character, it’s Leon Oswald from Kaleido Star, sometimes reffered to as Kaleido Stage. He’s my favourite character from this anime and it’s a shame he’s only in the second season. Still, he’s good. So, that’s it. Hope you like it and I’d appreciate coments, if you will. :)

See ya.

Chii sketch

This is a sketch from Anime Chobits. I did it while listening to the full version of opening from that anime. The sketch was done on a mini piece of paper but aside from that, I’m very happy with it. Though I did change the eyes a little bit. In the original, they looked a bit too blank for my liking. 1


So I hope you like it and it would be nice if you left a coment. :)

Random thought: I just looked it up, it appears that both are possible – Chi and Chii. I do wonder which is actually correct. Or if both are.

See ya.


This picture is one of those I’m realy proud of. It is anime and I realy like it, because I was able to make it look a bit less anime-ish that it was supposed to be. And I like that. I’m always trying to make anime look a bit more realistic. It doesn’t work every time, but sometimes it just does and in this case, well, I don’t know, but I like it. I mean, it’s not that realistic, but to be honest, I for example don’t like the purely anime-ish noses. So that’s one thing I’m always trying to change. I hink that in Hisoka’s case, it worked rather well.img016


And as for the character himself, he’s from anime Hunter x Hunter. And even though he’s not exactly one of the good guys, he’s my favourite character from the anime. I like the good guys that are not purely good. If a character is purely good and nothing more, it can sometimes get boring. And I don’t like that. So I hope you like the picture and if you do, just leave your comments below. I’ll be real happy if you do!

See ya.