BBC’s Sherlock: A Study in Pink

(Written on 29. 7. 2014)

Yesterday I started watching BBC’s Sherlock. For second time, but last time, I only got as far as the first episode of second season. So I’m watching it all again and will continue with all seasons. The first episode was the Study in Pink. I saw both versions. The “unaired pilot epiosde” and the actual episode that is like 80 minutes long.

It all starts with John moving in with Sherlock and then they are dragged into a case of serial suicides that are actually murders.

It all starts with Lestrade informing them (Sherlock) of another of the murders and they then follow him to the crime scene where Sherlock does his deduction thing and after that leaves in search of a pink suitcase. After that he texts John who is in the meantime kidnapped by Mycroft.

And after saying it will be dangerous, John comes and they end up chasing a taxi through London. Of course that doesn’t go that well, even though they do catch it. The one thing it does solve is John’s psychosomatic (did I spell that right?) limp. After that, Lestrade barges in on a drug search or something and they end up tracking the victim’s phonne.

Sherlock then walks out and gets into this cab that is driven by the murderer. They end up in some place with long tables (I think they said something about it being a college or something similar). There, Sherlock faces of with the murderer in a game. Two pills, one kills and the other does nothing. And only the cabbie knows which is which. It’s up to Sherlock to chose, but it’s interrupted by John at the last moment, as he shots the cabbie.

Whith his last breath, the cabbie reveals the name of the mastermind behind the crime, even though it was the cabbie who did it. The mastermind’s name is Moriarty.

After that Lestrade arrives and Sherlock realizes that it was John who shot the cabbie and the two of them leave while laughing.

Before they can leave completely, they are intercepted by Mycroft, who is Sherlock’s brother and the two Holmses argue a bit. After that the episode ends with Sherlock adn John leaving. Probably in the direction of 221 B Baker Street.

This episode is good. I like it a lot. I think it’s one of the lighter ones, but I can’t really judge as I only saw a few so far.

I will post updates on all the episodes as I see them.

I also promise to write more. I don’t like how I’m not adding anything and therefore I will write more. I don’t know how often I will add something, but I will, I promise. I will never abandon this site for good.


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