Ramble ramble…


I just wanted to rant for a bit. It’s just… I go to blog.cz and i see all the new posts made by people and I realize that I’m not posting anything. And then I just go and wonder if I should go back to blogging on blog.cz. But then I tell myself that no, I made my decision and I should stick with it.

It’s just… I really want to write, but sometimes, I just don’t know what about. And it gets on my nerves!

Or for example now! I want to start writing about a book I almost finished, but then I tell myself, that I should just write it in czech, because I do’t know half of the names in original… The book is translated to czech, you see…

So… Bad me! For not writing… I should really do something about it.

Maybe I will write about a game that recently I find myself playing a lot.

I should, shouldn’t I?

Okay, I really should stop rambling and get to it.

~See ya.



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