Take that! You stupid Cube!

Tee Hee! Finally won against the cube! Yep, only needed level 30 characters. Oh, and it would have been nice for the guide I was using to be accurate… Well… I would probably want too much… It seems.

Because, for you to be able to fight the Undying one, you have to first make him immortal using the four parts found in the Cemetery level. Okay. Did that. Then, you have to run for it and get the weapon of power. Got that also. Next thing you need to do is to stun the fucker with the weapon and take out the parts you put in. Did also.

Only, in the gude it was that after you do this, he will be mortal or watever… Can a piile of metal even be mortal? Nevermind. Basically, after you take the parts out, he should be beatable. Only, he wasnt… So, I was freaking out, thinking there was a glitch, seeing as I was playing it as a mod…

And then, I decided to listen to the blabber that was being written on my screen. Something about a crystal of life. So, I went to it, found tainted ore, got it, had to stun him again, then I went and placed the tainted ore in and then I stunned him again. Only for him to be finally set aflame and beatable. So, the point is, this should have been in the guide and wasn’t.

Other than that, it was nice.

Just… I so don’t like the prison wall set. It’s so… I don’t know… Freaky?

Still, the game is nice and in time, I might play it again. With the same party. Hopefully, it will be much higher level at that point. And that means I will be able to win so much more easilly. xD

So, a bit more about the game as a whole. Like I said, I was playing it as a mod. Good for me, ne?


Also, while I don’t consider myself an expert on it, I certainly do consider myself somewhat knowledgeable. So, if you’re a Grimrock player and need help, feel free to ask.


I was watching some let’s play’s and I have to say… It is so creepy to watch it… Much much worse than playing it. I got no problem playing it, but I get scared watching it… Is that weird or what? I would say it is.

Okay, nevermind.

I’m just so glad I finally managed to play through the whole game. Now, it’s mod time. I will play through every single mod from nexusmods that is for grimrock. Already finished two. Might do one of them again with my epic party.

Heh, I might actually write about my Epic Party. xD

Okay, that’s enough for now.

See ya.


5 thoughts on “Take that! You stupid Cube!

    • Yes, this was a mod. And the guide I was using was ment for the original game.
      The original map was recreated by Komag as a mod and I was playing that instead of the actual game. :)

      • Ah, I see. Thanks! Do you have any favored mods that you would recommend? I really liked the game, so I’d like to try to get some more fun out of it. :P

      • I really like the Missing Heir mod, played it twice now. Also, Toorum’s Mannor is great, but really big and time consuming. I’m still only on level 10 out of 47 (I think). Also Master Quest by Komag is great – it’s an expansion on the original game. And I really enjoyed Forbidden Hall, even though some people say it’s too hard and sometimes annoying. Also Legend of Moil isn’t bad. :)
        Hope that helps. :)

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