Another post about Legend of Grimrock.

See, I finally figured how to play as Toorum. Whose name I thought was Toonam. For some reason. Guess the letters were so close together it made that name instead. I’m still not sure which one I like better. Guess Toorum though. Since that is the true name.

Okay, moving on. For those of you that don’t know how to make Toorum work, it’s easy. Start a new game, I suggest easy, at least for the first time playing with him, then, without doing anything else, name the first character Toorum and press Enter. And, voila, the game starts and your only character is Toorum. He has double the speed. However, if you die, it’s the end, because there is noone else there to bring you to the crystal of life, so be carefull. The first floor is a breeze, the second is not so bad either. Third is fine thanks to a lot of closing door. Fourth… At this point, it will be a breeze too.

Legend_of_Grimrock_screenshot_04 (1)

And as for the next floors, I can’t tell, I’m not there yet. I’m kinda dreading the troll on the sixth floor, but… Let’s say I will have to lure him to the gate that can be closed. It’s the only way. Otherwise, I fear it will kill me. Still… I’m not there yet.

What I am really looking forward though, is the part when I get teh dismanteler. Hell yeah! The best sword in the game! And the best looking one!

Yes, I know there are some people that say the best sword is the sword of Nex, but… It’s the Dismanteler! It has lightning! Come on! What more can you want?! ‘Cept the weapon of power to be held in the other hand… Wonder if I’ll be able to take the Undying one on…

Has anyone ever completed the game with Toorum only? Tell me! What was your boss battel tactic?

Tell me! I want to know. :)

See ya.

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