The neverending story

The internet’s a bitch! A real big one!

Okay, I should probably start at the begining. You see, when I was little, there was this TV series. It was called The neverending story. And, it was live action, not animated! And that’s the problem. Whenever I try to look that up, all I get is the animated series which I’m so not interested in!


And, this one, the live action one, is nowhere to be found! Which is lame! I mean, come on! It’s way better than the animated series! Isn’t there anyone who would agree with me? The thing is, I like it more than the movies, which are good, but not good enough. I guess it’s because it’s more connected. The Fantasya land or whatever and the real world. In the movies, it’s not so connected. Also, in the series, he doesn’t finish the book in one go, and I quite like that.

So, if there’s anyone out there that know where to get this and watch it, I’m all ears!

See ya.

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