FF’s a bitch!


this time, I just want to rant a bit! I mean, there’s like… a ton! of stories being deleted from fanfiction.net! Why?! Most of them are slash! Is it because it’s too explicit?! I don’t think so! And even if they are, there are fair warnings!

And, then there is like, another type of a story being taken down. It’s stories in which Harry Potter characters read the books. I mean, yes, there’s copyrighted material used in those stories, but come on! How many people out there are still buying the books anyway? The people reading it know the books already! It’s not like J.K. needs any more money than she already has!

So, a message for FF.net: Stop being a bitch and leave the stories alone!


Thanks. I know very much that this post is meaningless, but still! I needed to rant and vent! Those stories were good! Mainly, the story, because of which I’m writing this, the Unlikely Group “series”. It had four parts already, four finished parts! I was waiting for the author to post the next one, but hey, I wanted to read it again, I mean, there’s Voldemort/Harry pairing, my favourite, and what do I find? The story isn’t there…

So, if anyone knows of a place this story is posted on, let me know! Or if there is a place I can download it from! I wouldn’t mind archiving it.

See ya.

4 thoughts on “FF’s a bitch!

  1. The “fair warning” is right there in the Rules/Guidelines that every site member agrees to follow before publishing anything on FFNet. The part where it says “Failure to comply with site rules will result in the removal of stories and/or suspension of account.”

    • Well, as I’m only a reader, I didn’t read that. Good to know though.
      Still, I think it’s a bit unfair to put guidlines into writing fanfiction. I mean, it’s fanfiction… The word speaks for itself…
      And that’s not really the reason for my post anyway…
      I was just angry that there was nowhere else to read stories I was in the middle of when they were taken down.
      I do thank you for your input though.

      • Yet, people still write “Harry Potter characters read the books” fanfictions. xD And some of them are pretty good.
        And I understand their point of view as well.
        Still, it does not change the fact that some very good stories were taken down and the authors aren’t replying to me when I ask if there is somewhere else to read it. Which is the whole point…

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