What I hate the most

That would be when fanfiction.net removes a story I have in my bookmarks and I haven’t finished yet. I hate that! Just today, I wanted to read a story I started some time ago and found out it has been deleted… That just stinks! I hate it! I mean, fanfiction is a bottomles well of stories, but still, they shouldn’t be deleting them! Even if ti has explicit mature content… I mean, there are warnings that can be applied! Geez…


The story I’m currently talking about, is called Formans Familia and is a Harry Potter fanfiction. If you know of this story being posted somwhere else, I’d like the link to it. :) Thanks. Because, I would like to finish reading it. And right now, I can’t!

See ya.

6 thoughts on “What I hate the most

  1. I tried my hands with fanfiction once, and I decided to leave it be after an editor came back with annoying remarks on how my story should be. Never attempting to return there ever again.

    • I personally don’t post there, I just go there to read. Even though the stories are going missing (some of them), it’s still the biggest sourse for most of the pairings and fandoms I’m interested in. :) Thanks for your input, though. :)

  2. Hi I found the story that you want as I wanted that story also been told this website. Fictionhunt.com/read/8167207/1

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