Old drawings – Beyblade

I have a lot of old drawings that I need to post first before I get to the newer ones. Or, not really first, but as I have it organised in my folders on my computer, I will be posting it in that order. First are some drawings of Kai Hiwatari from anime Beyblade. They are several years old and not that great but I want to post them anyway. And that is because I want to post all of my drawings that I have scanned.



This first one is the oldest. Done with crappy marker for a lineart and then colored hastily with colored pencils for kids. I still use those but in a more professional way. I did learn. But for a quick drawing, it is not so bad. I mean, it could alway be worse.


This second one was ment only as a crappy sketch. However, it turned out quite well. Even though I was not trying at all. The point of that is that my drawings look better if I don’t try so hard. I think it’s about to let loose and forget all the technical mambo-jambo. I like this one. It has character.



And this last one is the newest. Again done with colored pencils. But you can see that unlike in the first one, it is done with much more care and it does not look like a five year old drew it. I think I did this when I was about fifteen? Maybe sixteen. So a few years back. I could probably give you a more precise date, if I remember when I was watching Beyblade on youtube. Alas, all I know is that it was several years back.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. And there will be more. For sure.

See ya.


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