Excitement over the smallest things

I was thinking about things thas get me excited. I wanted to write about someting big, something that is unique. But, then I got a different idea. Why not focus on the smallest things. Because, in the end, it’s the smallest things that matter.

And there’s a lot of thigns that get me excited. Sometimes it is a great song I happen about, other times it is seeing my cat after not seeing him for several days. (He comes and goes as he pleases) Again, other times it may be the excitement of a drawing that I’m happy with, or the excitement of an idea for a story.

download (1)

There are tons of things that can be exciting. You just have to be able to look for them. You won’t see them on the first glance but they’re there. Even something as stupid as being excited because it is a nice day out there. For me, there are also many things that I know would not excite many, but hey, it works. I mean, who would be excited over a new pencil? Other than me… xD

So just look for the good in life even if you’re pessimistic realist like I am and you will be excited by many things.

See ya.


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