A surprise

Just yesterday I went and searched for a certain anime in english. I don’t remember what the original anime I wanted to watch was, but I decided that I will browse the page the anime was on and found a different anime that interested me. I admit it is a bit different from what I usually watch. The difference is that the main characters are all girls. Yes, there is a semi important male character, but that’s about it. And usually I watch only anime with main characters being males.


Surprisingly, the anime is good! Not your typical school girl anime, but a mix of school, action and mystery all in one. Throw in some super powers, or ESP, as they call it, and you have a really great anime. Oh, and the name is A certain scientific railgun. To be honest, I was a bit surprised as to what actually is the railgun, as it is not a real gun, but it was not a bad surprise.


If you’re a fan of anime, I recommend this one. :) It’s really good and the fact that it is with english dubbing is another plus. Not that I don’t like the original japanese, with eng subtitles, it’s just, if it is in dub, I can for example draw while I’m watching. Or something. It’s just that I don’t like doing just one thing.


Oh well… See ya.


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