When you just can’t remember

Just now, I re-read a part of one of my stories. And you know what? I realized I did not know where I was planning to go with the story. And that’s probably cause it’s old. Very old. Like three years and the length of what I have is not even a full page. So… I’ll probably have to rethink the whole idea and see where it gets me. I guess I should probably write some notes when I start a story so that I know what I was planning. I think I had a similar problem a while ago with a different story. Which one? Don’t know. But I was rewriting the whole thing.


And now, I’m rewriting a story too. But this time it is not because I don’t remember where I was planning to go with it, but because I don’t like it as a whole. The basic idea, well, it is not so bad, but I just don’t like the style it’w written in. It’s way too old. Like six years or something. And that’s too much. Way too much. And that’s the reason why I’m rewriting it.


Oh well… When I actually finish a story in english, I’ll post it. But I see no reason to post stories that are in my mother language, which is czech. As most of you wouldn’t be able to read it. Okay, I’ll go and rewrite that story I was writing about at the begining of this post. See ya.

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