Jazz Rabbit 2

You know what’s great?! I was able to make a game work. A very old game. It’s called Jazz Rabbit 2 or somethign like that. Very good game, but very old. The year of making is 1996 I believe. Or sometime around that year. It’s probably not precise. Heh, like I care. You see, my father, we were talking about him only playing cards on his PC. And then we got to talking about a certain game called Prehistoric 2, which didn’t work. That is an even older game. A dos operating system game. Oh well… And then we tried that CD the game was on with other games. And we went trying game after game. Some worked some didn’t. But those that did, let’s just say they were the better ones.
Like the Jazz Rabbit game. But not only that one.
I also installed Atomic Bomberman which has the best jokes. And then I have this very old arcanoid that is very nice and has great music to it. The game doesn’t have a specific name, just plain old Arcanoid. But I like it non the les.
The main focus is though the Jazz Rabbit game. You have rabbits, you chose one and then you play your way through various lands and places. There is castle, the Wonderland, port, and so on. If you can get your hand on this game, do so. You won’t regret it. I assure you. xD
See ya!

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