I like drawing angels

Angels are one of my favourite topics to draw. The next would be demons and dragons. But in general, I like to draw almost anything. As long as it is either gloomy or epic. Or both. I don’t much like drawing animals. At least those that are real. I don’t mind dragons, unicorns, or phoenixes. Or even a basilisk. But tell me to draw a dog and I’ll complain. I know myself.
And just so you know how I draw, here’s a Picture of an anngel I drew a while ago.
Okay, we are experiencing a technical glitch. Meaning – I just don’t have a scanned angel therefore – no Picture for you. Or… I’ll just let you see a different one. It will be anime. Here you go.
Hope it worked. If not, I’ll just edit it.
Okay. So it didn’t work. So for my pictures, if you want to see them, go to Aperite Portae.
One more edit – It would probably work, if I didn’t use the Windows 8 extention and just published this via normal internet browser. But I don’t want to! I like this extention! It looks so professional!

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